Can I Do Tough Mudder While Pregnant? Let’s Find Out

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Can I Do Tough Mudder While Pregnant? Well, YES. You can do tough mudder during pregnancy but with extreme care to ensure the safety of the mother and her baby. You may want to use a good stability belt (such as Gabrialla Elastic Maternity/Back Support Belt) to help ease back pain during the race.

Running while pregnant is obviously quite a debatable issue indeed especially since in most cases the pregnant woman is recommended not to have blood pressure above 140 bpm although certain experts now dispute that requirement.  What is important however is the need to have an in-depth discussion with your doctor as a pregnant woman before engaging in any race.

You are advised against taking part in any race or physical activity just because you see others doing it. Training for pregnant women needs to be carefully planned and should be done at a level that is safe for the mother and baby since pushing at it too hard increases the risk of injuries, especially in the hips and lower back.

It is generally believed that staying active during pregnancy has obvious health benefits to both the mother and baby if there are no contraindications. However, it is important to consider your pre-pregnancy fitness level before any conclusive decision is taken. For pregnant mothers that have been runners before now and who wish to continue, it is okay to do so.

However, it must be noted that each pregnancy is unique in its own way. Generally, running after the first pregnancy is a lot easier than running during say the second, third and subsequent pregnancies. This is especially so since with repeated pregnancies, the body is weakened more and more, and for this reason, the pregnant woman is not advised to continue running when it does not feel comfortable (for her or the baby) to do so.

In addition, even when it is decided for the pregnant woman to run in races, her training routines change in every trimester in accordance with the increased burden and physiological demands. As the pregnancy grows, the running speed will logically decrease and the event may even become more challenging since progressively the heart beats harder and faster to cater for both the mother and child(or children).

As the baby grows, the woman’s centre of gravity shifts accordingly which makes it necessary at some stages in pregnancy to run by feeling and not by look; no matter how great you may look, if it does not feel right, do not do it. We must not forget the fact that in the early onset of pregnancy, like the first three months, the pregnant woman may be able to run at her usual speed and intensity since her gait has not changed and her weight increase is minimal at this time.

The biggest obstacle she may face is probably fatigue and morning sickness. At this stage, provided she has the energy and is willing, she can continue to run as usual. It is highly advisable to include total body strength exercises during this time to maintain lean muscles in addition to building up your core strength and posture.

For this reason, a training plan during pregnancy needs to be devised to make it more flexible and done at a level that is safe for both the mother and child; pushing it without proper consideration may result in injuries to the hip or lower back. Finally, the most proper answer for the topic question is that yes, you can do tough mudder during pregnancy but don’t forget to seek professional advice first and most importantly, be careful while at it.

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What Obstacles Should I Avoid In Tough Mudder/Mud Runs While Pregnant?

What obstacles the mother should avoid in tough mudder during pregnancy depends largely on many factors. First of all, for a pregnant woman that has been used to regular tough exercises or even races before pregnancy, it may be alright to continue even after pregnancy up to a certain level. However, for that pregnant woman that has been relatively less active before now, utmost care must be taken to keep her and the baby away from any possible risks.

Can i do tough mudder while pregnant

This care will take the form of how long or fast such women can actually run which also largely depends on the age of their pregnancies as well. Similarly, in the first trimester (three months of pregnancy), the stress and demands are not so severe and hence pregnant women can run relatively long distances and at average speeds. (Read Also:Mud Run Hair Tips: 12 Looks Mudder’s Rocks For Race Day)

However, in later periods (from the second trimester and beyond), the distances covered must be reduced and also the speed of races must be significantly shortened too. In fact, during advanced stages of pregnancy, the races may even become much slower to allow for run/walk performances.

Mud runs involve in most cases events across tracks strewn with different obstacles to scale. However, for the pregnant participant, it is recommended that the number of these obstacles are reduced to allow for comfortable participation. Additionally, simpler obstacles should be introduced to suit the condition of the pregnant woman up to a level that they may need to be abandoned altogether.

Can I Do Spartan Race While Pregnant?

A spartan race is a little bit more challenging than an ordinary race for the obvious reason that spartan races have, in addition to the race distances to cover, several obstacles to scale by the participants. Whether a pregnant woman can participate in spartan races is determined by many related factors.

To start with, for a woman that is used to these kinds of races before pregnancy, it is not out of place if she continues, at least up to a certain level when she should not. For the woman who is new to the whole thing, she can participate provided that she feels comfortable while doing it and under the strict guidance, advice and supervision of her doctor.

It must, however, be noted that the length of these races and the number of hurdles or obstacles involved must be significantly reduced to allow for their convenient participation. Participation in spartan races by pregnant women, whether they were used to it before pregnancy or not, is largely determined by the age of their pregnancies.

In the first three months of pregnancy or possibly even well into the second three months, most pregnant women may be able to condone these races. Later, when the pregnancy becomes matured, their ability and endurance may not permit them and at this stage, it may be advisable to reconsider. So, yes, you can do spartan races up to a certain extent while pregnant, but with strict observation to specific instructions.

Can You Run A Race While Pregnant?

Yes, you can but serious precautions ought to be taken especially in advanced stages of pregnancy to ensure the safety of the mother and baby. Participation in races during pregnancy is easier for women that are used to strenuous physical activities or those who have been doing races before pregnancy.

For precautionary reasons, the length and timing of these races for pregnant women must, however, be reduced to safeguard the woman and her baby. Though there are good medical reasons to support races in pregnant women, they must only participate when they feel comfortable doing so.

To reduce discomfort in advanced cases, pregnant women may be advised to use a good stability belt (such as Gabrialla Elastic Maternity/Back Support Belt) to ease back pain as the band gently lifts your belly, thereby taking some of the belly load off your back.

Though pregnant women are not instructed not to run, but it is still advisable to introduce more cross-training into your weekly workouts instead of running. In the third and last trimester, the pregnant woman can still run if she feels comfortable doing it, though, at this stage, it may have to involve something like a run/walk method.

Finally, even though the pregnant woman can run races especially in the early stages, but please make your decisions based on how you feel and always consult your doctor for advice.

Can I Do Tough Mudder While Pregnant – FAQ

What Are Some Of The Recommended Wears For A Mud Runner?

That mud runs are rigorous and likely to result in injuries have been established, however, the kind of kit we use have a good role to play to reduce injuries in these races. For this reason, below are some of our recommended kit that will help to protect you while you run.

  • Grip Glove: This expandable, Fit Four OCR Slit GripOfficial Glove and ribbed wrist wrap helps to prevent injury while allowing wrist movement.
  • Trail Running Shoes: The Salomon Men’s Sense Escape Shoe is kitted with a VIBE midsole in the heel that absorbs more vibrations to cushion unexpected falls and likely foot injuries. Another running shoe you might want to try is the ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture Five Running Shoe. This exceptional race gear has in addition to a rare foot GEL a mesh and brushstroke patterned underlays that minimise injuries during races and are comfortable to use too.

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Can I Do Tough Mudder While Pregnant – Conclusion

Though mud races are great fun, especially since, in some cases, they afford the family a chance to get together and unwind, they also present a great risk to our health. This cannot be more true than when you are dealing with pregnant women who are the most at risk. That pregnant women stand the risk of most harm makes it absolutely necessary to take all possible precautions as well as make sure that no protective gear is spared if they most come out safe from harm.

To ensure strict compliance with these bits of advice, the doctor’s permission must be sought always before any race for pregnant women is allowed. Additionally, all necessary protective gear must be worn for adequate protection. If all these measures are taken, the pregnant woman is likely to have a most memorable experience not to talk of other health benefits since regular exercises protect and strengthen both her and the baby.

After all, whatever is worth doing, they say, is worth doing well and I can’t agree more. Having said all that should be made known in pregnancy and mud races, it will be most advisable for women to avoid sedentary (inactive) lives by exercising regularly which will keep them in fit enough physical conditions, the values of which they stand to gain from during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is also known worldwide that women who regularly exercise have a higher tendency to carry pregnancies and deliver safely than physically inactive women, not to talk of the reduced probability to become afflicted with other ailments in breathing and blood pressure anomalies.

To cultivate the habit of physical exercises especially in women that have been largely inactive, it is advised that they start from the less strenuous one and gradually progress to more challenging ones. You may start with exercises like swimming, stationary biking, walking or elliptical events which are workouts with less stress to the body and minimal risk to injuries.

Conclusively, pregnant women can do tough mudder race, if they wish to, but certain precautions must be observed in strict compliance to medical advice. We have discussed all this in great detail in this post. Put this knowledge to maximum effective use and you will be glad you did.

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