12 Mud Runs Hair Tips To Rock For Race Day & Other OCRs

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Participating in a mud race can raise lots of personal concerns such as how you would look when the race is completely over, the state of your clothes, and shoes if you are done with the process, and in my opinion which is the most important, the state of your hair.

PS: To keep your hair together and enjoy every bit of the race, you may need Bobby pins, Thick Seamless Cotton Hair Bands or Swim Caps etc

Mud racing entails a variety of challenges that will involve you crawling on your belly, climbing over obstacles, and many other hurdles that are associated with the event. And in the course of all these, your hair is sure to get involved in more ways than you can imagine.

If you have fairly long or curly hair like me, it is important that you take the necessary precautions in other to avoid putting your hair at risk of entangling it with obstacles which could also jeopardize your safety in the process. There are styles you can make in other to minimize the risk of entanglement in the course of the race.

But aside from the risk of you getting your hair stuck in an obstacle during the course of the race, is mud really good for the hair?

Is Mud Good For My Hair?

Probably you are reading this and you are having doubts about living your hair exposed during the course of the race, well, the good news is that mud is extremely beneficial to the hair not just due to experts advice on the issue, but also individuals who have had mud applied to their hair on purpose.

Here are some of the wonderful effects of allowing your hair, and not just your body, to get soaked in mud.

  • It Helps To Detoxify Your Hair: Toxins, if not attended to, can have an adverse effect on our hair. Toxins can arise from the use of substandard relaxers on our hair. Mud is an excellent detoxifier of natural hair and the body in general. It ensures that your hair is completely clean and also eradicate toxins in the process.
  • It Balances The pH Of The Hair: The pH of a hair is said to be perfect when it is around 4.5. Getting your hair involved with mud will help to ensure that the pH of your hair is maintained.
  • It Softens Your Hair: Now, while this won’t be instantaneously achieved in the course of the race, research as it that over time, the mud helps to soften the hair. It acts as a conditioner to help give your hair a perfect feel when touched.
  • It Improves The Scalp Of The Hair: Just in case you were wondering how to get rid of the mud that might have been stuck on the scalp of your hair, it should interest you to know that mud actually helps to improve the scalp condition of your hair. It makes it more healthy for maintaining hair growth as well as growing new ones.

To enjoy all these benefits that mud brings to the hair doesn’t mean you have to engage in mud racing every day. That would be preposterous if you ask me. You can get this mud shampoo (Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo) to give you the same effect a natural mud would have on your hair.

Since we are now acquainted with the benefits of having mud on our hair, you shouldn’t be scared of exposing your hair to the mud. But for the sake of mud racing, it is important to have your hair in certain styles to ensure that it doesn’t get held up in an obstacle. Here are some styles you can try.

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1. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is very easy to make and will save you a lot of time. It will make you cool and comfortable since it is even one of the trending hairstyles on the planet.

2. Bunches Hairstyle

You can release the spice girl within you by going for bunches. It is simple, quick, and easy. If your hair is extra long, you can use this hairstyle, then wrap it into space buns. You could use an additional hairband as well, that’s if you think it’s necessary.

3. The Classic Top Knot Hairstyle

Erica Schuckies once said this hairstyle could be done by a “caveman”. It is that easy! However, your hair type can determine the success of this hairstyle, as it can become in the course of the race. To ensure this is not the case, try securing it with Bobby pins. This should increase the volume of your hair to make it last all through the mud race.

4. The Bajo Braid Topknot

Apart from mud racing and other running events, this hairstyle is also very cool for other formal events like birthdays and weddings. It is also perfect if you have short hair.

5. Low Bun

The low bun hairstyle is also an excellent way to put your hair in check. However, it is best suited when your hair is not extremely long (knee-length). If you do have long hair and want to try this out, it would be excellent for special occasions and would also put you in the same bracket as Adele, who has also been spotted with this hairstyle on several occasions.

6. The French Plait

The French plait is a sure way to ensure that you don’t have muddy hair sticking on your face, as it helps to keep hair out of your face completely. However, you could combine the two braids into one for easier movement between and over obstacles.

7. The Bajo Braid Into Space Buns

This kind of hairstyle usually takes about a few minutes to complete. It is sure to keep your hair in a single place during the course of the mud race, and will also enable you to navigate your way over obstacles with ease. It can also be adorned for other social and Corporate events.

8. Halo Braids

The Halo braids are probably the braid I would recommend to anyone to adorn, no matter how long the hair is. Halo braids are perfect for every kind of running and are perfect for mud racing as well. Not only do they keep your hair locked in a particular place, but they also ensure that your large mass of hair is reduced to a very small surface area, which would give you all the freedom you need to move in the mud.

9. The Triple Threat

The triple threat is a style that belongs to the braid family. It is one style that has been proven to be suited for mud and OCR racing. It is extremely comfortable and relaxing. It is simple to make and doesn’t consume a lot of time in the process.

10. The Fierce Faux Hawk

As the name implies, the fierce faux hawk is sure to give you a fiery look and also keep you in the mood for what is to come. It keeps your long hair in check, and also ensures that it is firmly knitted together to make you go the distance in your race.

11. Fashion Plaits

Not only is this hair beautiful, but it is also one of the hairstyles that have proven to be very effective for OCR racing. With the help of a hairband, your hair should be in the right place for the race. These Thick Seamless Cotton Hair Bands should do the trick.

11. The French Flair

The French flair is also another hairstyle I would personally recommend to go for if you are to participate in a mud run. It doesn’t take time to make and is also perfect for very long hair. It can also be used for other forms of races as well.

12. Tiny Braids

You could also decide to lock your hair in tiny braids, but this is usually time-consuming and should be done before the race.

The tiny braids can also be made into larger braids if you want. A hairband is required to keep the hair from flying about in the course of the race. This Seamless Cotton Hair Band is strongly recommended.

All the hairstyles listed above should do the job of securing your hair from any form of entanglement the obstacles might cause to your hair. Aside from allowing your hair to get involved with you in the mud or making a particular hairstyle, there are other ways you can protect your hair during a mud run.

How Do I Protect My Hair During A Mud Run?

By now, you should know that having mud on your hair is not a big deal, but just in case you are still sceptical about the whole idea of getting your hair muddy, here are some items you can use to completely cover your hair.

Mud runners seem to have a divided opinion about covering their hair on the racecourse, especially when the weather is hot. Some complain that it causes excessive heat to the head, while others have nothing but praise for it. So you might as well use it to find out whose opinion matters to you.

Do note that you are more likely to lose such items in the race, so you might as well brace yourself for such eventualities.

1. Swim Caps

Swim Caps will cover the entire part of your hair if worn properly and will also prevent mud from getting in your hair.

They come in different varieties and colours, but I would suggest you go for darker colours, so as to enable easy cleaning after the race. This particular swim cap has been recommended by mud runners who are of the belief that covering the hair is a good idea.

2. The Use Of Coconut Oil

If you want to leave your hair exposed for the race, you can apply lots of Coconut Oil. This will help to clean the mud out easier and faster. It also helps the hair to become slippery, which is important especially in barbed wire crossing.

You can also apply it before you braid your hair or tie it into a nut, it has the same effect as well. You can try out this coconut oil for that special feel.

Wearing a face cap is an excellent idea for outdoor running, but the same cannot be said for mud racing. Since mud racing entails you doing other things other than running with your hands and feet, you are advised to use only head coverings such as swim caps and the likes to protect your hair, that’s if you feel the need to.

Face caps will simply come in the way of you crawling on your belly or trying to climb over an obstacle. You really do not want distractions. But if you are simply running, either in the rain or in clear weather, face caps are the sure way to feel more comfortable.

Does Long Hair Affect My Speed In A Race?

Well, mud racing has very little to do with speed, and more to do with endurance and tenacity. But in the actual sense, long hair has very little effect on your speed.

Aerodynamics comes into play anytime air and speed is in question. Take, for instance, a short distance runner, say, a 100-meter runner, will expend almost 20% of his or her energy (yes, some men have long hair too) in overcoming air resistance, while a long-distance runner will use way less.

Long hair will increase the air resistance a runner will have to overcome as it will create more friction between the runner and the air. To put it short, a full-hair athlete would expend more energy (work harder) than a bald head athlete.

That’s not enough reason not to succeed in a normal race though. Sanya Richards has very long and illustrious hair and it doesn’t slow her down, she is actually an Olympic gold medalist.

And as I stated earlier, mud races has nothing to do with how fast you are, so whether you are a proud owner of long hair or a humble owner of short hair, what matters most is how much you have in your tank to go the distance.

How Should I Clean My Hair After A Mud Race?

You probably might want to get your hair slightly clean before you head home for proper cleanup, so I recommend you come along with a bottle of shampoo (such as this Scalp and Dandruff Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner) to get the job properly done.

You should also come with a chargeable hand-held dryer to get your hair dried, especially if your hair is braided and you have a long drive to make it. This hand-held dryer will get your hair dried in no time. Getting your hair clean after a race goes a long way to determine how clean your shirt will be after a race. It should not be taken lightly.

Mud Run Hair Tips – Conclusion

Long hair, short hair, bald hair, low cuts, whatever hairstyle you choose to adorn to a mud racing event, ensure that you have the right information which I am sure to have been provided in the course of writing this article to ensure that you get the best out of your mud racing experience.

But in the meantime, I would strongly advise you to get yourself as dirty as possible because that’s where all the fun lies!

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