How To Clean Clothes After A Mud Run Like A Pro In 2022

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There are so many types of fun games both young and old take pleasure in participating. One of such fascinating game is called the ‘Mud Run’ and sometimes referred to as mud race or obstacle courses. It is called mud run because of the heavy presence of mud during the race.

The game of sport has evolved over the years and there is no limit to catching fun through sport. Many would find running in the mud as absurd or dirty while others see it as fun and an exercise profitable to the mind and body. Mud run can be described as engaging, fun-filled and extraordinary events which can be enjoyed in teams or group of friends.

It is running in muddy waters in a military-fashion style with a distance ranging from about 3 miles up to 10 miles. Not everyone would enrol into the military or police force to experience the rigorous training usually synonymous with these security agencies. However, the mud run presents us with a feel of what type of training the military undergo.

As interesting and fun-filled this mud race is, a lot of people are still finding it hard to clean their shoes. If this sounds like you then the below steps would walk you through.

How To Clean Clothes After A Mud Run (Step By Step)

Cleaning muddy clothes can be a difficult task especially if you do not wear specific clothes for mud racing. You could spend hours scrubbing the stains or soaking the muddy clothes for days in water for the purpose of removing the muddy stains. Clothes soaked with mud can easily be destroyed if the proper method is not adopted in washing them.

There are different ways of ensuring muddy clothes are cleaned however this write-up gives you a more suitable and easy procedure to remove muddy stains. The following are important step by step methods of how to clean clothes after a mud run:

  1. The first step is to rinse your clothes immediately after the mud run. Definitely, you will be covered with mud so you need to rinse your hands and clothes. You can do this with a shower, hosting off-station or a lake situated close to the racing centre. Take ample time to rinse inside and outside. It is not advisable to wait because getting the mud off your clothes will be very difficult.
  2. After rinsing the clothes, remove the clothes and put them into a washing bowl. It is usually good you use manual washing instead of using a washing machine. Using a bowl would give you the advantage of seeing the stained clothes and scrubbing them off would be much easier.
  3. Pour warm water into the washing bowl. Oftentimes, garments come with a specific label stating the kind of water or detergent you should use on them. For muddy clothes, it is advisable you use warm water. The purpose of using warm water is to allow for deeper cleaning and fabric’s preservation. In washing the muddy clothes, make sure there are no other clothes inside the washing bowl.
  4. Pour detergent into the washing bowl containing warm water. Use good quality sports detergent. There are detergents suitable for white fabrics as well as coloured fabrics. Use detergents that are suitable for dirty coloured clothes. Some experts recommend that the best detergent to use for washing muddy clothes is one that has alkaline properties and this type of detergent is commonly labelled sports detergent.
  5. You use your hands or a light scrubbing brush. Make sure you scrub all the mud off the clothes in the process of washing. It could take a long time and patience but is necessary.
  6. Rinse the clothes properly with clean water. In rinsing, ensure, the detergent lather is properly washed off from the clothes.
  7. Squeeze out the water off the clothes and do a thorough check to ensure there are no more muddy stains.
  8. Dry the washed clothes under the sunlight or dryer. Sunlight has the capacity of making your clothes smell cleaner and fresher.

Some Important Benefits Of Mud Run

There are some amazing benefits for those who partake in mud runs and the following important benefits are listed below:

  1. It may interest you to know that you can shed off that extra fat or calories, get fitter and good body shape through the rigorous routines of the mud run. Often times, doing work out can be really tiring and boring. The mud race is filled with fun and maybe your best bet in keeping fit and having that desired body shape you envisage.
  2. Are you battling with stress and its negative symptoms? A mud run can help balance your emotions. Engaging your mind, body in a fun-filled game like mud race takes you out of depression; it gives you the courage to surmount challenges.
  3. The heart is an important organ in the human body responsible for the pumping of blood. The mud run routines help the heart to pump blood and by doing this, the heart becomes stronger and has the ability to fight off heart-related diseases. One of the sure ways of preventing heart and regularizing blood pressure is through body exercises.
  4. Mud run race is an outdoor game and the exposure to sun provides your body with vitamin D which is essential for fortifying your bones. Aside from fortifying your bones by intake of vitamin D, the high impact exercise involved in the mud race enables your bone to be in good shape and strong. According to researchers in University of Bristol, there is a possibility of young persons involved in work out to have strong and healthy bones
  5. Engaging in the mud run routines builds strength and endurance. Routines such as climbing walls, crawling under barb wires or in heavy mud, are good ways of testing your strength and endurance in the face of adversity.
  6. The mud race can improve your balance and coordination. In the course of the race, the participants are faced with different hurdles such as maintaining your balance on a rope. This type of activity helps to maintain body balance by coordinating other body parts effectively to avoid falling.
  7. Mud run has the ability to toughen the brain. Prior to the mud race event, you would be prepared to surmount all the hurdles and finish the race well. Your ability of strategizing mentally helps your brain muscles.
  8. Mud run builds relationships or friendships. The mud race is a team or group game and surmounting challenges as a group build interpersonal bonds of the team members.
  9. Mud run involves the completion of goals. Motivation is necessary for goal completion or actualization. Participants of the mud race are motivated. Crossing the finishing line is a motivation stimulant. There is a deep feeling of joy whenever the goal in mud race is accomplished.
  10. Mud run is an exciting game and enables participants to have unimaginable fun. The mud run is not an everyday routine, so it is fascinating for participants. A fun-filled makes the heart merry and this is good for the general well-being of participants.

Basic Things You Need To Know About Mud Race

There are some basic things you need to know before participating in a mud race and they are:

  1. It is important as a participant you carry enough water. The rigorous routines can make you tired and dehydrated. So you need water to quench your taste and keeps your body functioning well as you continue the race.
  2. It is more fun to run with a friend or group of people because you can be gisting while racing. The mud run can get your shoe stocked up inside the mud or you could desire someone to help you pull through certain barriers. Having a friend or partner alongside could be of great help.
  3. The choice of clothes or fabrics and shoes is a very important thing to consider. It is advisable not to use cotton clothes because it absorbs water. Also, do not use expensive clothes or shoes because it is not necessary. For easier movement, it is better you wear tight clothes and less clothing so that they would not retain much mud.
  4. It is also advisable not to wear a cap but you could wear a visor.
  5. Avoid using expensive sunglasses because there is a possibility for them to break while racing or carrying out rigorous activities.
  6. You do not have to engage in every activity in the course of the race especially if you are new. Obstacles that you are not comfortable with or posed danger to your health can be skipped. The most important thing is to catch your fun and reaching the finish line.

Kits For Mud Race

Kits for mud race is usually determined by the weather condition as well as the terrain in which the mud run is being conducted. Generally, the following are basic kits for mud race:

  1. A pair of running shoe for a mud race: There are various types of footwears or snickers for running. There are specifications of footwear for every sport or game. For mud run, flexibility has to be considered. Footwear that is not heavy will be a good one. A good shoe is the Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V Trail running shoe. This racing shoe has an unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces. Using this amazing set of shoes would make your mud race easy. It will be easier to run through muddy surfaces and scale through any hurdle.
  2. Shorts and Shirt: Prior to every mud run game, it is imperative to consider the kind of clothes. Mud runs involve rigorous exercises or activities. The kind of clothing will go a long way to determine how you would scale through hurdles. It is advisable not to wear baggy clothes which will restrict your body movements.
  3. Slim fitted clothing would be appropriate. Cotton clothes are not advisable when embarking on a mud run. A polyester (synthetic) fitting clothe gives good elasticity which gives you enough freedom to do all the rigorous runs or activities in the course of a mud run. Perfect kit wear is the MeetHoo Men’s Thermal Underwear Set. It is made up of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, it is skin-friendly and slim fit which aids movement.
  4. Nutrition; energy drink, water. In other to maintain balance and retain energy, you have to carry an energy drink or bottle of water just in case you run out of energy or dehydrated.
  5. A good GPS wristwatch ( such as Garmin Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch) or stopwatch. Keeping track of run is a good way to measure your intensity or achievements while running or carrying out the activities in the mud run game. (Read Also: Can I wear my Apple watch on a mud run)
  6. A spacious post-race bag that will contain all the things you need. Extra clothes, shoes and other valuable items are kept inside for post-mud run.
  7. Sporting tight synthetic running socks. A synthetic sock ( such as this MudGear Premium Compression Socks For  Men & Women) would be a good idea if u are wearing shorts.
  8. A mat for resting before and after the mud run. The participates can easily lay on the mat to catch their breath after mud run exercises.
  9. Protecting arm sleeve can be used to protect your hand against any unforeseen injuries.
  10. A helmet or visor. Glass can be used when the visor is not available. A visor is used to protect the eyes or face from injuries or harmful objects. A helmet can protect the head from injuries.
  11. A cap or tough mudder headband. ( Learn more about Mud run hair tips here)

How To Clean Clothes After A Mud Run – Conclusion

Mud run is actually a rigorous exercise that is fun-filled; being enmeshed in mud would not be a good idea to many people. But those who partake in this game are always thrilled by the adventure. However, it is one thing to participate in a mud run and another to properly rinse your clothes after the mud run game. The suggested step by step method of washing your clothes will be of great help for lovers of mud runs.