How To Train For A Dirty Girl Mud Run In 2022

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Since its inception in 2010, the dirty girl mud run has held several events spread across the United States of America. The dirty girl mud run event is one that has been spoken very highly of, by all participants involved, and every event tends to be more exciting than the last, as the organizers always look for ways to make it more fun and tasking.

Expert Tips On How To Train For A Dirty Girl Mud Run

Here are some training tips (plus mud run hair tips) you can try either as an individual or as a team in other to get you up to speed with the rigours that come with the dirty girl mud run.

1. Increase The Time Of Your Road Run

If you are not on a road run schedule, then I strongly advise that you begin one. A road run will increase the stamina you need to compete in a mud race. As stated earlier, the standard distance for the dirty girl mud run is 5k, so you have to increase your road run distance to a reasonable level, say 7k, so as to get your body in the right shape.

If you are starting for the first time, start slowly, but steadily. Increase the distance as soon as you feel that you can go the distance. The earlier you begin, the better for you.

2. Engage In Other Physical Exercises

The dirty girl mud run will also entail you to climb, crawl on your belly and on your hand, as well as other demanding tasks that you are not probably used to. So it is important that you engage in exercises that will strengthen your wrist, knee, and ankles.

Yoga is a good exercise, to begin with, that is if you are not already into yoga. You can also try other aerobic exercises and techniques that employ the use of your ankle, knee, and toes. Considering the mud your legs will be dipped in, your ankle and knees will have to be equally strong to overcome the resistance it would face.

Also, try doing more burpees, as the dirty girl racing will require you to actually do them in the course of the race. Lastly, hit the gym at least twice a week, it is a decision you will be grateful for once the race begins.

3. Train As A Team If Possible

If you intend to participate with a team in the next dirty girl mud race, then I recommend that you train with the team members, that is if proximity will not pose a challenge of any sort. If you can’t train with all the team members, train with the ones available.

Training as a team will help each of you in motivating each other during the course of the training and during the course of the race as well. If one of you tends to feel tired or discouraged when they shouldn’t, you can easily help that fellow up, especially when they are more voices involved to spur them on.

4. Set Your Training Schedule Based On The Time You Intend To Run

For a dirty girl mud racing event, the first wave of runners get into the mud at about 8 am, and the last set of runners get into the mud at about 4 pm. So you are advised to ensure that your road run, which should prepare you for the race should begin at the said time you intend to get into the mud so that your body will get accustomed to the weather. ( Read Also: Can You Go To A Mud Run Unprepared In 2021?)

Don’t train in the morning if you intend to run in the evening, and don’t train in the evening if you intend to run in the morning. You can train at both times, that’s if your work schedule permits.

5. Try And Train On A Simulated Mud Track As Much As You Can

This doesn’t imply that you make your own mud track and get muddy before the D-day. What I l mean by this, is that you run on surfaces such as hill terrains and beach surfaces as much as you can. These surfaces will help your feet adjust to the rigours of mud to a very large extent.

Running on road tracks will help to a certain degree, but getting your feet on surfaces similar to the one you will be getting into, will go a long way in complementing your effort.

You can also try to run up and down a hill, or a long staircase, but I would prefer you do it outdoors since the event will be taking place outdoors. This sort of exercise will increase the strength of the tendons on your laps, and also get it ready for the daunting nature of the dirty girl mud run.

If you have a park in your area, you could as well try doing some push-ups on the park bench, which is popularly known as the park bench routine (PBR). This will help in developing your biceps and give you an additional advantage in the course of the racing.

In the course of engaging in your physical exercise, you might want to keep a record of the progress you are making so as to improve on them. Try getting a smartwatch which would go a long way in setting you on the right track for your ‘dirty girl’ mud event. This smart wristwatch (Garmin Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch) is highly recommended by experts. You can also wear your Apple watch if you have one.

6. Train With Your Mud Gear

Training in your mud gear, especially the shoes you intend to wear to the mud race, will go a long way in getting your feet accustomed to them, especially if they are new. If you haven’t run a long distance in your mud racing attire, then I suggest you give it a try and see how comfortable you are in them.

And if you have several of them that you intend to try on, and you are not sure of the one you should go for, train in them respectively, then pick the one you are most comfortable in. (Read Also: Best Shirts For Mud Run (Top 6 Reviewed) )

7. Eat The Right Set Of Food

By eating the right set of food, I simply suggest that you should eat food stacked with vitamin C and the likes. Also, eat the type of food that will enable you to train in preparation for the race. Avoid junk food that will only tend to build up excess calories in you, especially if you need to watch your weight.

Engaging in training exercises for a dirty girl mud race can also cut out excess calories, so it’s important that you don’t add up what you are already getting rid of.

8. Read About The Experience Of Others Who Participated In The Race

The dirty girl mud race is flexible, in the sense that, it doesn’t obligate you to go through every obstacle in the race, and it also requires you to approach the race at your own pace. However, there are several forums online that can tell you what to prepare for in other to ensure that you have all the fun you dreamt of.

Do well to check them out and hear from various participants who have undertaken previous dirty girl mud races, especially if you are participating for the first time.

What Should I Expect In A Dirty Girl Mud Run?

Like every mud run event that has been organized or that you have seen a video of, one thing is certain and that is the presence of mud, and not just mud, but thick, exhilarating mud. So get ready to look very brown regardless of your skin colour.

Aside from the compulsory presence of the mud, there are also obstacles to encounter and overcome in other to make it more fun while you get yourself sticky and wet. The obstacles are usually military-based such as nets, mazes, tunnels, and slides.

You are allowed to work in teams in other to make it more fun and enjoyable. Your team can also pick a uniform in other to look different from the others. I recommend this lovely Workout Compression Shirt if you feel your team needs to look the same.

The distance of this race is normally 5k, and you are usually required to go the distance. At the end of the race is also a time people look forward to. It involves a mini carnival of some sort, as well as getting to meet new people that also participated in the event. A perfect icing for a very muddy cake if you ask me.

Is The Dirty Girl Mud Run Meant For All Gender?

If you are a male reading this article then I am sorry to burst your bubble. No, the DIRTY GIRL mud run is meant for only the female gender as the name Implies. So except you have a chest that can be called a breast or you usually tick the ‘female’ section when filling out a form, this race is not for you except you want to be called a pervert.

Do I Need To Register For A Dirty Girl Mud Racing Event?

Thousands of runners participate in the dirty girl mud racing event held across cities, so it is important that the organizers have a record of those interested in the race. They need to know if you are fully fit, and also know if you meet the minimum age requirement which has been from 14 years and above. As long as you fall into the age bracket, regardless of your athletic ability, you are allowed to participate in the race.

The race was introduced to give women the feel of what it meant to be in a military environment, and the hurdles they have to cross in other to make it to the very top.

The registration also comes with a fee that is mostly donated to the National breast cancer foundation to help in the fight against breast cancer. However, if you are a survivor of breast cancer then this race is completely free for you.

You can register and also know when the next mud run will be available by clicking this link

How Do I Train For A Mud Run? Is It Actually Necessary?

Well, speed is not the goal in a mud run, but your patience and endurance are. So it is important that you get yourself ready in every way possible. A typical 5k mud race will approximately take about 1hour 45 minutes to finish, so getting the strength required to last that long as you “huff and puff” in the mud in other to make the race successful is of vital importance.

Is It Necessary To Train Before A Dirty Girl Mud Run?

If you have this kind of question in mind, then you could as well ask yourself if it is necessary to prepare for an exam before attempting it.

While these might not be in the same context, it is important that you prepare for every eventuality the event might bring. So getting yourself physically, and mentally ready will put you in the best position to get the best out of the race.

Don’t get too excited for the race, and in the process overlook the necessity to prepare for it. I can assure you that you will find it more of a tedious experience than a fun experience if you do.

How To Train For A Dirty Girl Mud Run – Conclusion

To get the best out of the ‘dirty girl mud run, you must unleash the child within you. Do not be shy of what folks might say in the course of your preparation, that is why it is suggested that you do it in the company of others or someone else if possible.

If you discipline yourself enough to prepare for the event, you will soon discover that it will become a habit for you to take morning or evening jogs, which is in a lot of ways very beneficial to your health. So before you take a dive into the mud, ensure that your body is as prepared as your mind is.

Let it not be a case of where “the spirit is willing, but the body is weak”. I wish you the best and all the fun you can think of in the next ‘dirty girl’ mud racing event. Cheers!