6 Best Shirts For Mud Runs & Other OCRs In 2022

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Participating in a sporting event can be fun and a good way of exercising the muscles. The mud run is one sporting events that is thrilling and engaging because of its military-like activities and bathing in the mud.

The mud run tests your mental strength, patience and your disinclination to getting dirty.  Participating in a mud race involves a couple of things; ranging from the wears, physical exercises to prepare your mind and also building stamina to withstand the obstacles.

Every participant is saddled with an uphill task of running, boot camp and crazy activities before reaching the finishing line.

For example, to a large extent, a participant success or failure is dependent on the type of clothing materials he/she wears. This article (Best Shirts For Mud Run)will show you some important things you need to know before embarking on a mud run.

In A Hurry? Below Are Overview Of The Best Shirts To Wear For Mud Runs In 2021

Product NamePrice
Under Armour Men’s Compression Long Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
Mission – X Men’s Short Sleeve Compression ShirtCheck Price
Tommie Copper Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Crew Neck ShirtCheck Price
RCVA Women’s Compression Long Sleeve Athletic ShirtCheck Price
LP Support Women’s AIR Compression Workout ShirtCheck PriceCheck Price
SCUBAPRO Men’s UPF 50 Long Sleeve Rash GuardCheck Price

Best Shirts For Mud Run – Review

In participating in a mud run, there are certain ideal sporting clothes you should wear. Below are some suitable clothes you ought to wear for peak performance:

1. Under Armour Men’s Heat Gear Coolswitch Compression Long Sleeve Shirt

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  • Exclusive coating on the inside
  • Delivers total ventilation
  • 4-way stretch and flatlock stitching
  • Anti-odour technology
  • Compression
  • UP 50+ protection


The Under Armour CoolSwitch is an impression compression sports shirt that would make your mud run experience much fun. This shirt is made up of exclusive coating on the inside which makes it possible for heat not to come in contact with your skin for long.

It makes your body movement seamless because it stretches and its wick materials make it dry faster after wash. You do not have to be worried about odour because this shirt is made up of anti-odour technology which prevents odour-causing microbes. This shirt comes in different sizes and in stealth grey and black colours.

2. Mission – X Wade Collection Men’s Flash Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

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This product has the following amazing features:

  • 45% Cocona
  • 45% polyester
  • 10% Spandex
  • Machine wash
  • 4-way stretch and flatlock stitching
  • Vapour Active with patented 37.5 technology
  • Flash Black fabric
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Compression


The Mission X Wade brand is top-notch for many athletes and it would be a perfect wear for Mud Run. This collection is designed in partnership with basketball legend, Dwyane Wade. The awesome athletics skills of Dwayne makes this product a must-buy for athletes. The MISSION x Wade brand consists of Vapour Active technology which rapidly removes sweat.

This product is made up of 4-way stretch which enables the athlete to have unrestricted body movement when meandering through Mud Run obstacles.

Mud Run is an engaging game that will bring out sweats; the Mission x Wade brand has been designed to take care of that. It is made up of mesh panels which aid in airflow and enhance cooling. As an athlete participating in Mud Run, you do not need to bother about odour because it has anti-odour technology.

The Mission x Wade has the following care instructions: machine wash, only non-chlorine bleach, do not use softeners and it does not need to be ironed.

3. Tommie Copper Men’s Care Compression Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt

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  • 86% Copper Polyester
  • 14% Spandex
  • 25” high and 20” wide
  • CopperZnergy fabric and Copper technology
  • UPF 50+ protection


The Tommie Copper Men’s Care long sleeve collection is sleek and provides awesome support to your body frame. The CopperZnergy and Cool Copper technology add additional moisture wicking and breathability to help you cool and dry when performing sporting tasks. This comfortable compression collection provides relief from aches sustained from Mud Run obstacles.

You can perform all manner of mud run tasks when you wear this stunning compression shirt. It is flexible. It is also made up of UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Mud run involves participant doing all sort of activities under the sun and exposure to the sun could be harmful to the health. With Tommie Copper collection your skin is secured from harmful sun rays.

4. RCVA Women’s VA Compression Long Sleeve Athletic Shirt

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  • 76% Polyester
  • 24% Elastane
  • Pull-on closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 4-way stretch
  • Anti-microbial “Bac-Out” Fabric
  • Printed RVCA and VA logos at the front and back


This beautiful collection is a perfect fit for women participating in Mud Runs. Bathing in the mud could result in infectious disease. With this collection, you do not need to worry much because of its anti-microbial feature.

Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or restricts their growth. RVCA Women’s Collection is made with synthetic antimicrobial substance. Its stretch feature also gives room for unrestricted body movements thereby making mud run more fun. Its compression feature also protects your body from injuries or aids in the healing process.

5. LP Support Women’s AIR Compression Workout Shirt

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  • Built with power brand wraps
  • 15D Diamond Web
  • 3D Weaved Channel
  • 3D V-Shaped columnar structure
  • Elastic Yarn Technology
  • 67 x 1.93 x 0.39 inches in sizes
  • The item weight is 4.1 ounces


The LP Support Women’s AIR Compression collection is more than just a shirt. It has amazing features that would blow your mind. Wearing this compression shirt in a mud run would be a pleasure because of its enormous features. This collection has been carefully designed to enhance the high peak performance of athletes.

First of all, this collection has a seamless design that provides maximum comfort to the wearer. It has a protruding material of 40% to 60% which aids friction. This collection minimizes air resistance and conforming to the wearer’s muscle and joints because of its highly elastic yarn. The LP Support Women’s Air Collection is a compression sporting shirt.

By this, the tendency for injuries occurring is very minimal or non-existent. This collection compresses the wearer’s muscles and joints that are used when exercising in a mud run. Mud Run consists of military-like routines and these can cause swelling of muscles, pulling of tendons and soft body tissue. However, wearing this LP Support brand would prevent all these side effects resulting from mud runs.

The LP Support Women’s collection is built with the wearer’s health and safety in mind. It is made up of a target compression system that is aimed at strengthening body muscle as well as joint stability. This collection also improves physical control and posture stability through its power brand feature, especially during highly demanding mud run exercises.

The 3D Diamond Web feature is a multi-directional, highly elastic stretch that aids the athlete for perfect body coordination during mud run activities. This feature also increases capillary action allowing sweats to evaporate faster and resulting in a dry and comfortable feeling.

Amazingly, the 3D Weaved Channel consists of 10 micropores per square meter which regulate the body temperature to enhance peak performance in Mud Run.

6. SCUBAPRO Men’s UPF 50 Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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  • Item Size: 7 inches in length, 6 inches in width and 1 inch in height
  • Weight is 1 pound
  • Colour: Amber, Agean, Black, Ice and Graphite
  • Included Components: Rash Guard
  • 100% SPF80 Ultimate Sun Protection
  • Thumbholes for swimming


The SCUBAPRO Men’s UPF 50 collection is an amazing sportswear for mud run athletes. This shirt is designed to give an amazing swimming experience. For mud run athletes who are to take part in swimming obstacles, this product is highly recommended for you. It has two layers; the first layer is suitable for diving while the other layer is for swimming.

Even when swimming, these sporting shirts has thumbholes for security during swimming or movement. You do not need to worry about the elements in and out of the water because this masterpiece got you covered. Its feature of UPF 50+ protects you from the harmful rays from the sun. Since mud run is an outdoor event, this product will meet your every sporting need.

Different Kinds Of Mud Run And Their Activities

There are different categories of mud run that make the sporting game fun-filled and some of them are listed below.

1. Civilian Military Combine

Ordinary, mud run consists of military-like routines. So the civilian-military combined mud run gives the civilians a rare opportunity to join the military folks for fun-drilling exercises. One of the main aims of this type of mud run is to test endurance and overall fitness. There are certain tests civilians have to undergo before they can participate in this type of mud run. The tests are generally the daily routines of the military officers.

2. Tough Mudder

This type of mud run is common and is currently been performed in five continents of the world. Organizations such as Team Rubicon in the United States of America and Wounded Warriors in Canada have used it to raise a huge amount of money for charity. Tough Mudder is a heavy muddy game and participants must scale through over 20 military-like obstacles, swinging off a 12-foot platform and other challenges.

3. The Zombie Mud Run

The zombie mud run concept is derived from horror or vampire movies. The zombie mud run is a fun-filled game where participants are chased by supposed zombies for the sake of spurring them to overcome obstacles. Participants are expected to scale through mudslides, electric shocks and maze. The zombies try to ambush runners.

4. Spartan Race

The Spartan mud race has gained international recognition over the past few years. Chile, Taiwan and Indonesia are some of the countries that joyfully organize this race periodically. The Spartan race rules change from time to time but there are some evergreen obstacles such as muddy pits, dark tunnels and rope climbs. Spartan race is further divided into three namely:

  •  Spartan Sprint: This involves a three-plus mile and 20-plus obstacle course.
  • Spartan Super: This consists of an 8-plus mile and 25-plus obstacle giant.
  • Spartan Beast: This is a type of Spartan race that consists of a 12-plus mile and 30-plus obstacles. The Spartan beast is tougher than Spartan sprint and Spartan super.
  • Ultra Beast: This Spartan race can be likened to the marathon race; it consists of more than 26 miles and involves obstacles that are more than 60.

5. Mudderella

The Mudderella is another Mud Run created for women. Men only participate strictly by invite. This kind of mud run is popular among women in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. Participants are enjoined to overcome obstacles such as barbed wire, hay bales, icy dip and few other activities such as muddy piggy-back rides.

6. Muddy Buddy Adventure Series

The Muddy Buddy Adventure Series is a team race which is dated back to 1999. It is a popular race in the U.S and has three types participants can choose from:

  • The Muddy Buddy Mud Run: It is a 3-4 and a half miles comprising 8 to 9 military-like obstacles of rope climbs, slides and a massive 50-foot mud pit. The rule is you and your buddy (partner) must stay together till the finish line.
  • Muddy Buddy Bike and
  • Mini-Muddy Buddy

7. Dirty Girl Mud Run

As the name implies, the dirty girl mud run is exclusively reserved for women. The rules in this mud run are not strict; runners are usually not under any pressure to finish in a stipulated time frame and participants are at the liberty of choosing obstacles that are comfortable with.

What Are The Different Types Of Materials Used In Making Sportswear?

We have clothes for different occasions and sportswear is peculiar to athletes or for work out. Generally, it is a kind of cloth we wear for physical activities. There are actually different materials used for sportswear and these are listed below:

Materials Made Up Of Cotton

Generally speaking, cotton is oftentimes disregarded as sportswear because of its inability to absorb sweat faster. One of the reasons sportsmen and women patronize cotton materials sportswear is because it manages odour effectively. Nevertheless, for Mud Run, it is advisable not to wear clothes made of cotton material.

Materials Made Up Of Calico

Cotton has different types and calico is one of them. Calico is a type of cotton that is not yet processed however, it is soft. It absorbs sweat.

Materials Made Up Of Spandex

Spandex is widely used for sports by athletes. It has a high degree of stretch which enables the wearer to be very comfortable when performing sporting activities such as running, jumping etc. According to reports, spandex material can stretch 100 times more than its original size. Spandex is absorbent; it also aids breathing and dry faster than cotton and calico.

Materials Made Up Of Synthetic

Prior to the making of synthetic sportswear, athletes were patronizing rubber and plastic sportswear which usually generate heat and made them uncomfortable. So the introduction of Synthetic material sportswear made athletes more comfortable. Synthetic is also used to protect the knee and elbows; it absorbs sweat and makes the body’s temperature cool.

Materials Made Up Of Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo fibre is a natural material used for sportswear. Its weight is light and wicking in moisture which makes it anti-odour sportswear. It has the capacity to protect the wearer or athlete from UV rays from the sun.

Materials Made Up Of Microfibre

The microfiber is a very light and warm artificial (man-made) materials used in making sportswear. Microfibre is usually costly and most times used in branded sportswear.

Materials Made Up Of Polyester

Polyester sportswear is common in the sporting world. Basically, polyester is made up of plastic fibres making it light in weight, free of wrinkle, durable and has breathability capacity. Sportswear made up of polyester does not absorb water or sweat and it is a perfect choice for both hot and cold weather because of its insulating properties.

Materials Made Up Of Nylon

Nylon sportswear’s are soft, having a texture like silk and it dries faster. It can stretch and sweat resistant.

Materials Made Up Of Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a by-product of plastic and it is totally resistant to water.

Materials Made Up Of Wool

Wool is one of the materials suitable for sportswear and sports, especially in cold weathers. Cold cannot penetrate wool fabric because of its texture.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing The Right Sporting Clothes?

Sport involves physical activities, movements of the body and it is good to know the importance of sporting clothes in other to enhance your performance:

  1. Sporting clothes gives you confidence as an athlete. Have you ever wondered how a professional footballer would feel if he is playing without a jersey? Your guess is as good as mine. Wearing suitable sporting clothes for the game gives a psychological boost. (Read Also: How to dress for mud runs)
  2. Wearing the right type of sporting clothes for a game helps the player avoid injuries. For instance, wearing baggy clothes for a game like mud run could cause the player some sort of injuries because there are obstacles that demand the player athleticism. Good fitted sporting clothes would enhance performance. According to some health and fitness expert, compression sporting wears helps to prevent injuries.
  3. It is interesting to note that clothes aid the healing process. Especially compression sportswear has massive benefits to health. When an athlete has an injury, compression clothes can help your body in terms of focusing on specific areas of the body.
  4. For instance, if the injury is pulled back, a compression cloth is needed in soothing the muscle and restricts body movements when you are resting. Generally speaking, compression clothes aids in blood circulation and facilitates oxygen delivery. It also does the job of keeping the muscle a bit warm and loose thereby reducing the occurrence of muscle pull.

What Are The Things To Avoid In A Mud Run?

The Mud Run is a sporting game that involves a lot of physical body movements. There are actually things you should avoid in a mud run and these are:

  1. Do not participate in a Mud Run when you are sick or having health challenges.
  2. Do not wear clothes that would restrict your body movements.
  3. Do not wear white clothes especially if you have the intention of using it again.
  4. Do not wear cotton clothes because it is difficult to wash/clean properly and retains muddy water.
  5. Avoid crawling with your knees. This could cause damage to your knee.
  6. Do not eat heavy a few minutes before mud run because it will prevent you from running or overcome obstacles effectively.

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What Are The Common Features Of Mud Run Shirts?

There are common features of mud run shirts and these include:

  1. Shirts used for mud run should be light in terms of their weight.
  2. Mud Run shirts should be durable. It may not be too expensive but it should be able to withstand harsh conditions.
  3. Mud run shirts should have the capacity of drying faster so that the wearer would not catch a cold.
  4. Shirts used for mud run should possess optimum heat and moisture regulation.
  5. Shirts used for Mud Run should be smartly and functionally designed to withstand mud run rigorous activities.
  6. Shirts used for mud run should have a low water absorption layer, especially the layer of clothing closer to the skin.
  7. Shirts used for mud run should be dimensionally stable especially when wet with muddy waters. Stability of dimension would keep the wearer balance.
  8. Shirts used for Mud Run should also have breathability and comfort. The wearer should be able to carry out mud run activities without any form of unnecessary discomfort.
  9. Shirts used for mud run should be built with peak performance in mind. Conditions such as harmful rays from the sun should be a distraction.
  10. Shirts used for Mud Run should be fitting to the body (compression clothes).

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Best Shirts For Mud Run  – Conclusion

There are certainly different factors that can make the Mud Run sporting game exciting and clothing is one of such factors. The level of performance and fun is attributed to the type of shirt you wear. Mud Run shirt plays a vital role such as safeguarding you from avoidable injuries and enhances overall performance. Buying and wearing the listed sporting shirts listed in this article would definitely make your mud run enthralling.