6 Best Shorts For Mud Runs & Other OCRs In 2022

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Runners are usually concerned about getting the right apparel for a racing event, and they should be, especially when the event has to do with mud racing. So much is usually at stake when it comes to getting ready for a mud run, especially since it is not usually like other racing events.

Preparing for a mud racing event is something you should take very seriously if you intend to fully connect to the purpose of the race, and that includes getting the proper mud gears. Apart from shoes, the kind of shorts you should wear is also very important. You shouldn’t wear any kind of shorts to a mud run as this can affect your performance during the course of the race.

“Then what kind of shorts should I use?” you might ask, The best shorts for any kind of race, especially mud racing, in particular, are compression shorts. Compression shorts are designed to get the body in sync with the clothes, in terms of texture and style. If you ever wondered what it feels to be really comfortable while running, then you should try running in compression shorts.

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Compression Shorts And Their Significance In Mud Racing

Mud racing comes with not just sweat and wetness, but also the mud that you definitely have to encounter. Wearing a normal short for such an event, especially combat shorts (military design) will leave you uncomfortable.

There have been cases where mud runners had to complete the race in their underpants due to the discomfort their regular running shorts caused them.

Compression shorts, on the other hand, are spandex type fibres that are extremely light weighted and very comfortable. They also help to contribute to better blood flow and muscle activation.

Good compression shorts will also help in improving your jump ability especially after endurance events such as mud racing. They also have perfect support for the groin and will help to aid muscle recovery after the race.

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Here are other reasons why you should run in compression shorts.

  • Good Muscle Oxygenation: The more oxygen the muscles get, the better they perform. Compression shorts are designed to increase the oxygen flow to the muscles which makes them more efficient in the course of the race. When the oxygen going to the muscle is increased, you tend to move effectively and efficiently.
  • It Improves Perceived Exertion: When training for endurance events, it is important that you have an effortless workout. Engaging in such exercise will help to improve your overall athletic ability. According to ‘Sports Medicine‘, carrying out such exercises with compression shorts is sure to improve perceived exertion in Athletes.
  • It Reduces Muscle Soreness To A Minimum: According to ‘Men’s Health Magazine‘ Engaging in an exercise or athletic activity using compression wears will help to reduce muscle soreness, which is something every athlete dreads. Running or engaging in exercises using compression shorts will get your muscles in a more satisfying condition.

So if you intend to get your body in tune with the next mud racing event, then getting a compression short is definitely a good way to start.

What Should I Look Out For In A Compression Shorts?

The following are the things you should consider in other to ensure that you get the right compression short for you

1. Size

Considering the fact that compression shorts are in a way elastic, it is important that you get the right size for you so that you don’t end up getting an oversized short. A compression short should hold firmly to your thigh, and also allow for easy movement in the process. A compression short that does not fit evenly on your skin will not have the desired effect that a compression short should have.

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2. Well Covered Pockets

In case you might want to run along with some edibles during the course of the race such as protein bars and the likes, it is important that the pockets are zipped, or properly covered so that they don’t fall out in the course of the race. But if you are of the opinion that you wouldn’t want to take the risk of running with edible items or other gadgets, you can as well just go for plain ones.

3. Colour

Colours are usually based on matters of preference. If you feel more comfortable in a kind of colour, then it is important you go for such since it will suit up well with you.

4. Machine Washable

Except you are still a fan of bearing the weight of your knuckles on your clothes, then I suggest you ensure that your compression shorts are machine washable. (Check out this post on the Best Washing Machine For Muddy Clothes In 2021)

Below are the best compression shorts you can have. They have been properly reviewed, and each and every one of them will suit all your athletic needs.

Best Shorts For Mud Runs – Reviews

1. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts

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The Under Armour Men’s HeatGear is one of the compression shorts athletes prefer due to its base layer innovation that gives it a skin feel. It is extremely light and would make you at ease during the course of the race.

Product Description

Material Quality

The material is made from 84% polyester and 16% elastane, which is sure to remain stretched and glued to your skin at the same time. The elastic closure is designed in a way to enable a 4-way fabrication which allows for greater mobility and also maintains the body shape.

Anti-Odor Technology

This technology is included in this compressive shorts to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes, which are normally responsible for the offensive smell we sometimes perceive in our underwear.

Material Design

It also has a very sleek design that is enabled with the signature moisture transport system that helps to keep you dry all the time, by whisking away sweat from the body. All-round dryness is guaranteed with these on.

Machine Washable

It can also be washed with a machine after use, and it won’t have any effect on the fabric of the material.

Size And Colour

It is available in small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and is also available in varieties of colours that you can choose from.

If you must be wet in a mud race, then it should be from the outside of your shorts, and not the inside. The Under Armor shorts will help prevent such from happening.

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2. The Storelli Unisex Compression Shorts

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There is no gender wall when it comes to enjoying the benefits that come with the storelli unisex compression shorts. The technology embedded in this material makes it a must-have for everyone who loves the freedom that is associated with athletics.

Product Description

Material Quality

These amazing compression shorts is made up of 82% Nylon, 18% spandex Foam, and 100% urethane foam. It embodies everything you can ever envision in a compact short. It has a thin but durable heavy-duty 3mm Poron XRD pads on the thighs that protects you against abrasions and other injuries that may result in the process of crawling, or an accidental fall during a mud racing events and other running events in general.

It is also made with a material technology that protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It is embodied with a material that absorbs almost 90% of the impact from the body. It also has a very lightweight that makes mobility very easy whilst maintaining all the features stated above, and it also takes away moisture from the body to leave your skin dry during the course of the race.

Material Design

It is tailored in such a way as to provide a fitted style that keeps all the padding very close to the body. It is also designed to be extremely flexible and comfortable. It is also designed with a built-in mesh ventilation panel technology that provides maximum and long-lasting breathable space.

Machine Washable

It can be machine washed without any sense of worry about reducing the quality of the material.

Anti-Odor Technology

An enhancement in the treatment ensures that odours, bacteria, and other microbes are not spread within the material. It keeps you fresh and jamb free at the same time.

Size And Colour

It predominantly comes in black and white colours and is available in all sizes. You are sure to get your specific size. The storelli unisex camp shorts can be used in a variety of sporting events asides running. This is an all-round game-changer, and it would also make a perfect gift for a loved one or colleague.

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3. Skins Women’s Dynamic Cycle Compression Shorts

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This dynamic compression short is designed with the female gender in mind. The material and flexibility are built in such a way that ladies will feel more relaxed and extremely comfortable in any sporting event they might choose to engage in.

Product Description

Material Quality

This exquisite material is a combination of Nylon (76%) and Elastane (25%). A perfect combo to fit your running needs. Using an engineered gradient compression technology, the advanced fabric helps to provide maximum comfort and also enhances your performance.

Material Design

The skin compression shorts are designed in such a way that the inside leg panels are strategically placed on the ceramic-treated antifriction panels which ensure that your muscle is free and very comfortable while running or participating in any other event.

It is also designed with a Multi-elastic, 3 layer, seamless chamois that aids maximum support in the course of usage. The compressive design of these shorts helps to transfer more oxygen to your thighs, giving you the energy to work more efficiently with your legs during a racing event.

Machine Washable

It can be easily washed with a machine whilst maintaining all the material properties and attributes. The skin women compressive wear will keep you rearing to go the extra mile in any sporting event you find thoroughly engaging. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

4. The G-Form Compression Shorts

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The G-form compression shorts are extremely versatile in terms of the sports it can be used for. Asides running, it can also be used for cycling, ski, and the rest. The extreme precision taken in carving out this product makes it truly fun, tough, and the same time, exciting.

Product Description

Material Quality

Its second-skin feel makes it extremely flexible which makes it easy for you to have total freedom and movement. The G-Form pads are extremely lightweight whilst maintaining its goal of protecting you against accidental falls or slip-ups. An occurrence that is usually common in mud racing, especially when you don’t wear the right amount of shoes.

The material also allows for easy ventilation that allows heat to escape from your skin, without having to form sweat on your skin surface.

Material Design

The RPT pads are specially designed to absorb an impact force and disperse the energy to other parts of the pad, making you feel little or no pain at all. It is also extremely light and flexible. It is designed to ensure that the supportive compression fits you perfectly whilst providing comfort and support for your joints and muscles in the process.

You need not worry about the pads making itself known. The sleek, lightweight and streamline design will only be noticed if you need them to.

Machine Wash

It can simply be washed with a machine. No extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure a perfect wash.

Size And Colour

It comes in different sizes and a predominant colour of red and black. Do well by picking a size that fits you properly in other to get the best out of the product. The G-form compression gives you everything from design, down to protection, and flexibility all in one package. You will definitely do right by this one.

5. The 2XU Women’s Elite MC Compression Shorts

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With its flawless design and improved technology, the 2XU women’s compression short will give the ladies everything to be appreciative of.

Product Description

 Material Quality

Having a material composition of 72% Nylon and 28% Elastane, these compression shorts are extremely flexible and durable. Using the Invista lycra technology for proper fitting, the front panels are made of PWX Flex 70D and the back panels are made of PWX 105D. This ensures that the fabric will last long for the intended purpose it was designed for.

The fabrics are also made of moisture-wicking materials to ensure that it drains out any moisture from your skin during the course of the race or any other exercise, ensuring that you are completely dry in the process.

Material Design

It is designed with the MCS (muscle containment stamping) technology which helps to reduce the strain and soreness to muscles. The UPF50+ also helps to protect the skin from harsh ultra-violet rays from the sun. It also has a rear zip pocket to help keep your valuables secure and intact. The seams are designed in such a way that chafing (muscle tear/pull) is greatly reduced.

Machine Wash

It can be washed in a machine albeit in cold water, and it should also be hanged to dry.

Size And Colour

It comes in predominantly black colour, but there are various sizes that you can pick from. The 2XU women’s compression shorts come with a 12-month care+warranty as long as you have a valued proof of purchase. You are sure to enjoy this one for a very long time.

6. The 2XU Men’s Run Compression Shorts

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2XU Men’s compression shorts come with a wonderful feel and design that would make you appreciate the designers in so many ways.

Product Description

Material Quality

The material is designed with the muscle-containment-stamping (MCS) technique, which helps to target compression to support major muscles and joints. It has a very lightweight and also has sufficient breathability to help allow moisture to escape from the skin easily. It can surely withstand any tough condition.

The 2XU compression shorts also help in circulating oxygen around the muscles, and will also reduce the risk of muscle injury to the barest minimum. It is also super flexible to ensure that your movement is not hindered in any way.

Material Design

It has a rear zip pocket you can use to put your valuables. It is also designed with a logos-flat-lock technology that helps to take away sweat from the skin surface. It is also embodied with the Upf50+ technology that helps prevent bacteria from growing, and at the same time keeps it odour-free.

Machine Wash

It can be washed in a machine, and should also be hung to dry.

Size And Colour

It comes in black colour, and also comes in various sizes ranging from small, to extra large. There is definitely a size for you to choose from. The 2XU compression shorts can also be used for various other sports aside from mud racing. It makes the owner extremely comfortable, and also keeps your mind focused on the task at hand.

The compression shorts reviewed above will no doubt serve you well in either mud racing or in any sport, you choose to participate in. Below are some further questions you might have regarding compression shorts and their importance.

Do You Wear Compression Shorts Alone?

Compression shorts are designed to have direct contact with your skin, so it is important that it remains that way. Wearing an underpants before wearing a compression short defeats the whole purpose of a compression short in the first place.

Although, you can wear an attire above the compression short if you feel like it, the same way Steph Curry wears his during a game. But for how long are you allowed to wear compression shorts? 1 day ? 1 week?

How Long Can You Wear Compression Shorts?

Well, this actually varies for individuals. Research studies from AIS say that you can wear compression shorts for as long as you feel it’s comfortable for you, but not for too long as this could cause your groin region to tingle a little.

But as long as you are working out, no matter how long, you are advised to always put on a compression short as it helps to avert injuries. How about the shirts, is it ok to wear compression shirts all day?

Is It Okay To Wear Compression Shirts All Day?

Compression clothing does not only prevent injuries, but they also help you to recover after every activity. They help the muscle get rid of the excess lactic acid that would have developed during the time of exercise.

Lactic acidosis is an effect that occurs with runners especially after a heavy exercise. This occurs when the body produces excess lactic acid during the course of exercising. Some of the symptoms burning, headaches, rapid breathing, etc. Having a compressive shirt on you can help you reduced all these to a very bare minimum. But do compressive shirts have lots of health benefits for the athlete Like compressive shorts?

What Are The Benefits Of Compression Shirts?

Yes! Compressive shirts have just the same benefits as compressive shorts, especially when it comes to muscle repair. They help to relieve pain, especially from muscle soreness, alongside these other benefits.

  • They prevent the muscle from pulling or straining as the case may be.
  • It helps to keep the body dry thereby preventing chafing in the process.
  • It also helps the body to repair itself faster than it normally should.
  • It can accelerate weight loss by causing you to sweat easily.

So there you have it! The health benefit of a compression short is almost synonymous with that of the compressive shirt. The only difference being that one is felt on the body, while the other one is felt in the leg region. That said, here are some of the best compressive shirt for mud run that will catch your fancy.

Best Shorts For Mud Run – Conclusion

To get the best out of every event aside sports, the first thing to do is to dress for such an event, and mud racing is no different. Compressive shorts will go a long way in ensuring that your muscles are revitalized every step of the race, keeping you safe and confident of every step you take.

You won’t be making a mistake adding a compressive short to your wardrobe collection, that I can assure you of. Cheers to the success of your next mud racing event.