The 6 Best Goggles For Mud Run In 2022

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Mack Hurton, Daniel Vettori, Lydia Ko, and Edgar Davis apart from being professional athletes have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they all had eye conditions that would have stopped them from achieving their dreams of being professional athletes, but chose to rise above it.

Having an eye defect should not stop you from participating in a Tough Mudder or any other mud racing event if you want to. There are ways you can rise above it, just like some professional athletes did, without having to risk anything.

For starters, you can wear a contact lens if you don’t want to risk running in your prescription glasses, but you can reduce this risk by using a strap (such as this awesome Eyeglass Holder Strap Cord I found on Amazon) to prevent it from falling. While using a strap might still pose a challenge especially when it comes to cleaning your lenses after the mud race, you could as well avert this by using a contact lens and a goggle.

If you haven’t worn a contact lens before, then I strongly suggest you see an optometrist (eye doctor) tell you the necessary steps to take.

Wearing a goggle during a mud race can help keep the mud out of your eyes and maintain a clear vision. Muddy waters contain sandy particles that can impair your vision during the course of the race if your eyes are not rinsed with clean water immediately.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 4 Picks Of The Best Goggles For Mud Run In 2021

Product NamePrice
Zionor Nearsighted GoggleCheck Price
Warmiehomy Short-Sighted GoggleCheck Price
Speedo Vanquisher GoggleCheck Price
Sborti Goggle PackCheck Price

Importance Of Goggles In Mud Racing

Goggles are really important, especially for runners who have their vision slightly impaired by a medical condition. It helps to protect your eyes from specks of dirt and other accidental impacts that might occur during the course of racing.

It also helps to protect your contact lens from getting too involved in the race. Please note that the contact lens that should be used in a mud racing course should be disposable, particularly if you intend to participate without the protection of a goggle.

Apart from protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun during the race, goggles will also give you a serious and smart look, such looks fill you with the needed confidence for the race. It adds that professional touch that is sure to give you the edge when the race eventually begins.

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What Kind Of Goggle Should I Use In A Mud Run?

It is important that you use goggles that are designed for extreme sports, and would remain fixed to your head without you ever worrying about them falling off. For the purpose of mud racing, it is recommended that you consider swimming goggles.

Swimming goggles are extremely comfortable and built for harsh conditions. They will stay fixed to your face throughout the course of mud racing as long as they are strapped properly. They also protect the eyes from mud splashes and bruises that might occur during the race.

Furthermore, they are relatively cheap and can be washed after the race. If you haven’t run in a goggle before, and you intend purchasing a pair, then I suggest you lookout for the following factors before you make that purchase.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Goggle

Buying a pair of google can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time, but taking these factors into consideration will save you from any future regret.

1. Colour Of The Lenses

Goggles come in different lens colours, and since mud races are carried out outdoors, it is important that you get goggles whose lenses are relatively dark so that your eyes can be protected from the sun rays.

2. The Padding Around The Lens Sockets

The padding around the lens socket is another important thing you should look out for, considering the fact that it takes more than an hour to finish a mud race. Having a rubberized socket is of greater advantage in such a scenario. Hard plastic sockets can cause a little discomfort after a while, leaving you with goggle marks on your eyes in the process.

3. The Distance Of The Nose Bridge

This is an important factor to note in a goggle in other to ensure proper fitting of the goggle on your face. Some mud courses such as ‘Tough Mudder‘ will require you to encounter the ‘Slip n Slide‘ obstacle which requires you to slip all the way down to a mud pool in order to get yourself fully immersed in mud. Wearing a goggle that is slightly imbalanced on the nose bridge while overcoming this obstacle might create a space for mud to sneak in.

4. Consider The Size Of Your Eyelash As Well

Your eyelash shouldn’t touch the lens when you blink, it makes it quite uncomfortable when such happens.

5. It Should Have A Strap

This is practically one of the core reasons you should want to use a goggle, to ensure that they don’t fall off while running. A good goggle should have a strap that can fit on your head and one that can also be adjustable.

Some goggles also come with prescription so you probably might not even need a contact lens, to begin with, but it is important that you check for this feature to be sure, and also seek the advice of an optometrist if possible.

In case you still find yourself in limbo on how to identify the right goggle for yourself, the following reviewed goggles should help you out in making the right decision.

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Best Goggles For Mud Run – Reviews

1 AqtivAqua Wide View Goggles

Check Price On Amazon

The AqtivAqua goggle will serve you perfectly in any race event you wish to participate in. If you ever feared for the safety of your contact lense, the AaqtivAquaa will help calm it down.

Product Description

Clear Vision

The lenses of this goggle are made with polycarbonate lenses as well as 100% UV protection.

Excellent Nose Bridge Protection

You can be sure not to feel any discomfort in the nasal area while racing due to the ultra-soft silicone double seal. The seals are designed to contract and expand while breathing, hereby ensuring that there is no unnecessary pressure around the eye.

Beautiful “Shock” Designer Case

The case is designed to protect your goggle from accidental fall, and also has drainage holes which help to hasten the drying process after washing.

A One-Click Adjustable Strap System

The Y-shaped strap system is designed to ensure that you have a  perfect grip on the head while battling through the tough obstacles. It also means that the size of the strap can be adjusted easier and faster.

The AqtivAqua comes with a 12-month warranty after purchase which includes a total refund if you are unsatisfied after usage, but I am sure you would not have any reason to be. You can be sure to have your money’s worth on this one.

2. Aqua Sphere Vista Goggle For Kids

Check Price On Amazon

If you have a child who intends to participate in mud racing, then it’s important that you get them a protective goggle to prevent the mud from getting into their eyes.

The Aqua Sphere Vista goggle will help in more ways than one to not only help your child enjoy mud racing, but also give the full assurance that their eyes are protected regardless of how deeply they get carried away during the event.

Product Description

Efficient Quick Buckle System

The buckle can simply be adjusted to whatever size you want, even while wearing it. The micro-metric strap technology ensures that the buckle is streamlined to ensure maximum protection and comfort during the race.

Curved Lens Technology

The curved lens is designed to give you the best visibility using a superior optics engineering based on the radii. This helps to eliminate distortion, and at the same time give you a perfect 180-degree vision.

It also comes in a blue lens which ensures that it is a perfect fit for outdoor events. This also helps to protect your eyes from UV light. The lenses are also made with polycarbonate, as well as an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating technology. So you can be sure not to buy anyone for your kid again anytime soon.

Perfect Nose Bridge Connection

You can be sure to have this goggle sit perfectly on your nose bride without causing you any concern. The facial geometry has been designed to fit a face irrespective of the cheekbone size. It is also made up of surgical grade protection, which ensures that your comfort is prolonged as well as the longevity of the product. Your child will do just fine, with these on, you should definitely not have anything to worry about.

3. Sborti Goggle Pack

Check Price On Amazon

The Sborti goggle pack comes with two pairs of goggles to give you a variety of options to pick from. Here are other features that should interest you.

Product Description

 Anti-Fog Coating And UV Protection Technology

The lenses are covered with UV protection filters to protect your eyes from excessive heat from the sun. It also prevents it from becoming cloudy which is usually a common thing with inferior goggles.

Adjustable Clip-On Strap

The clip-on strap has been designed to fit your face perfectly. A double layer soft gasket, as well as the frame, ensures that it laps on the nose bridge without any kind of leakage. It also has a leak-proof seal that has been designed to keep the water out. The earplugs on the goggle can also be used to protect the ear during the course of the race.

Excellent Vision

The lenses are made with the latest Electroplating technique and a High-tech mirror coating which provides your child with an excellent vision and protection as well. You will certainly have more than you bargain for with the Sborti goggles by getting two for the price of one. It doesn’t get any better than this. It can also be worn by adults, so feel free to give it a try if you feel the need to.

4. Speedo Vanquisher Goggle

Check Price On Amazon

This list wouldn’t be complete without the speedo franchise. Speedo goggles have been known for their quality over the years, they have been consistent and remain a household in the use of goggles. The speedo vanquisher goggle is no different from their excellent range of products and is sure to serve you well in mud racing as well. It can be used by persons that fall between the age of 14 and above.

Product Description

Panoramic Lens Design

The lenses are made from very durable polycarbonate which aids the panoramic design in enabling an excellent visual. It is designed with the latest UV protection to protect the eyes from the heat of the sun during the race. It is also designed with the Anti-Fog coating technology to help prevent against a cloudy view.

Corrective Lens

It’s one of the few products on the market that has the corrective lens feature to help those with eye challenges. But, it is important you seek the advice of your doctor before you go ahead to use it for this purpose. You can choose the kind of lens you want, base on your condition. The range sizes include – 1.5 to – 8.0

Interchangeable Nose Pieces

It comes with 4 lovely designed interchangeable nose piece that sits perfectly on the nose. If you have an allergy for latex products, then you should know that the speedo goggle is completely latex-free. Speedo goggles are definitely worth all the hype, and this product falls exactly into that same category.

5. Warmiehomy Short-Sighted Goggle

Check Price On Amazon

The Warmiehomy goggle is specially designed for short-sighted persons. With this at hand, you probably don’t need a contact lens of any sort. It can be worn by adults and kids alike, and also comes with a lens range to pick from base on your condition (-1.50 to – 7.00)

Product Description

Lens Material

The lens is made up of polycarbonate that is already coated with UV protection and Anti-Fog technology. It will also survive any accidental fall due to its durability.

Lovely Designed Strap And Gasket

The strap and gasket are designed with high-quality hypoallergenic silicone material that has an extremely soft feel on the face. It is also designed to prevent water from leaking into your face in case you go swimming in it. The straps are also very adjustable and it comes with a replaceable nose piece bridge that is perfect for every age group.

Please do note that in other to maintain the Anti-Fog treatment, you are to get the inside of the lenses with water. It is also suggested that you put the goggle in water for about 10-20 seconds before using it. You are furthermore advised not to select a lens that is higher than your prescription to avoid strain. To make a choice, you can pick a lens that is close to your prescribed lens, but not higher.

The package comes with 1 pair of swimming goggles, 2 nose piece bridge with size ranges small and large, the medium nose piece comes attached to the goggle. It also comes with 1 swim goggle box for safekeeping. You are sure going to enjoy this one.

6. Zionor Nearsighted Goggle

Check Price On Amazon

Just like some of the goggles reviewed above, the Zionor is specially designed for persons with shortsighted myopia. You can choose from a lens set that ranges from – 2.0 to – 7.0. As stated earlier, you are advised to pick the lens that closely matches your prescription, but not above it. Here are some other features to make you love the Zionor goggle.

Product Description

Perfect View And Fog-Free

The lenses are coated with the latest UV protection and anti-fog technology to give you a perfect view during the race, and also protect your eyes from harsh sun rays. Due to the impact-resistant technology, the lenses are able to avoid damage during accidental falls. It also fits perfectly on your eye socket without any form of leakage.

Efficiently Built For Tough Performances

It is specially designed to lap perfectly on your nose bridge regardless of your facial build. The straps are easily adjustable and will hold firm regardless of the tough nature that is normally associated with OCR. Your eyes are surely in a safe haven with the Zionor goggle strapped on it.

Now that you know you can protect your eyes and enjoy your next OCR regardless of your eye condition, let me briefly show you how to clean your goggle after a mud race.

 How To Clean Your Goggle After A Mud Race

The best way to go about cleaning your goggle after an OCR is to use a very little amount of soap, I mean very little, alongside a bowl of warm water.  You can soak the goggle for a while if the mud cakes are splattered around some areas, then use your thumb to gently rub them off. (Read Also: How To Clean Shoes After Mud Run With Steps)

Rinse with fresh water, then dry off the lens using a microfiber cloth so as to maintain the anti-fog treatment on them. But can you run in your sunglasses instead of a goggle?

Best Goggles For Mud Run – FAQ

Are Goggles And Sunglasses The Same?

Definitely not! Goggles are mostly designed for sporting and working objectives, they help prevent the eyes from dust, debris, and other elements that could harm the eyes, while sunglasses will only protect the eyes from the sun.

In terms of trend, it would be extremely weird to walk into a formal event in a goggle, compared to sunglasses that can be worn to any event in particular due to their fashion appeal. Sunglasses are very trendy and will always spice up the look of whoever puts them on.

In terms of cost, sunglasses are usually more expensive. Some designer sunglasses can cost as high as $100,000 while goggles will likely cost below $100 due to their less fashion appeal. Goggles are mainly worn by sportsmen and scientists who intend to protect the eyes from varying degrees of injuries that can result from their craft.

Sunglasses should not be used during a race because they are not designed for such. They could easily come off and get damaged in the process, but goggles usually come with strappings to help it stay affixed to the head without you worrying about its safety.

So if you intend to run in sunglasses, please think about that decision because they are surely many regrets that are bound to come along with it.

What Do Goggles Protect You From?

Have you ever tried running in the early hours of the day or the cool hours of the evening, and wished you wore a goggle due to the pains you experienced while trying to get an insect out of your eyes? Yeah, I know that feeling, I have actually felt it personally.

Goggles do not only protect your eyes from insects or the likes, but also from chlorine which is usually present in pools to disinfect them. My friend once went swimming in a public pool without swimming goggles and came back home with an itchy eye.

It was later discovered that the chlorine present in the water, mixed with urine (yes, some people still find it cool to pee in a pool in the 21st century… SMH) had caused it. If he had gone to the pool with a swimming goggle, it definitely wouldn’t have happened.

Goggles also prevent the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. The need of putting on a cap while running can be totally avoided if you put on the right goggle, like the ones we reviewed above.

Can You Wear Glasses In A Tough Mudder?

If by glasses you mean prescription glasses, then I strongly suggest you don’t, except they are tightly strapped to your head. As the name suggests, tough mudders are usually known for their rigorous nature and as such, it is important that your racing gears are built to match such toughness.

I won’t guarantee that your glasses will come back in one piece, but I recommend that you wear contact lenses and back them up with goggles as stated earlier on in this article.

Is It Weird To Run In Glasses?

 If by glasses you mean prescription glasses, then it shouldn’t feel weird, but as I stated before in the course of writing this article, it is not only unsafe for your glasses, but also makes you uncomfortable as well. So it isn’t the weirdness of running in a prescription glasses you should be worried about, but the safety of your glasses.

How Do I Keep My Glasses In Place When Running?

If you still insist on running with your prescription glass while running, then I suggest you follow these steps below

  • Use a strap that goes around your head to the back, this should hold it in place. If the rubber nose pads slip from under your nose, then simply use an eyeglass cord strap and hold the adjustable clasp to the back of your head. You can use this strap (Eyeglass Holder Strap Cord) to get the job done effectively
  • You can also choose to apply special waxes that can be applied on the nose piece to prevent it from slipping down your nose after strapping, but have it in mind that you have to reapply it from time to time.

Best Goggles For Mud Run – Conclusion

So there you have it! If you must sit out a mud racing event, then it shouldn’t be caused by your eyes. You definitely have it under control. Cheers!