6 Best Socks To Wear For Mud Runs & Other OCRs In 2022

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 4 Picks Of The Best Compression Socks To Buy For Mud Runs In 2021

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Evonation Men's Copper Graduated Compression SocksCheck Price
MudGear Trail Running SocksCheck Price
Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No Show Toe SocksCheck Price
MudGear Premium Compression SocksCheck Price
Socks, really?? Yeah, my first reaction too when I thought about putting together this article, what’s so special about socks that an article and buyers guide should be written on it, but hey every sportsman, mountain climbers, trail runners, even businessmen and every single person wears and need a sock.

Socks are needed to keep the feet comfortable within the shoes, oh you don’t want the discomfort of wearing your shoes without a socks it feels like putting your feet into a dry sack, the friction, the dryness all together gives you the discomforting feeling.

Only those who have had to wear a sock in a shoe after periods of not wearing one would truly tell the difference in the comfort socks provide. Aside from the comfort they also provide support for your feet when you wear them.

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You know those times you ran a race or went hiking or trail running and came back with a lot of blisters on your foot, yeah that time, you probably didn’t use the right socks that why you came down with those blisters, with the appropriate socks you would have gotten all the protection and support to your feet against those things.

How about those who participate in mud runs you really do not want to get on those tracks and course without having socks worn inside your shoes, in mud runs you will get wet and dirty with a lot of mud stuck in your shoes, socks help your feet to remain dry and stay protected while you try to huddle through the many mud related obstacles you will find in the course.

Aside from keeping you dry and offering protection to your feet, some socks have been tailored and technologically modified to help you complete the race by stimulation of your calf and leg muscle and also keeping your legs warm for those who participate in mud runs during cold seasons.

So yeah, socks are important, so important that I have to do an article on them, getting a sock isn’t just enough but getting the right socks is much more important. You may be asking a lot of question as to what makes a sock appropriate for use, there are factors to look out for, the main aim of this article is to bring to you quality and timeless information you need so you can know what to look out for when you intend to purchase a sock so you can tailor the requirements to exactly what you need.

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Best Socks To Wear For Mud Runs – Reviews

1. MudGear Premium Compression Socks

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A compression sock made strong enough for obstacle course racers, and comfortable enough for everyday warriors. Strong construction tested and approved by thousands of obstacle course racers Ideal compression strength for training, racing, and recovery.

The protective barrier helps on rope climbs and traverses. They’re built tough for men and women competing in outdoor performance sports like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, but comfortable for hiking, climbing, rucking and all-day wear by military, police and rescue workers, nurses, and other everyday warriors.


  • Compression: Graduated compression for more support and stability.
  • Run injury-free: No cramps, scratch, cuts or blisters.
  • Recovery: Faster recovery of the muscles.
  • Materials: Excellent wicking capability to keep your feet dry through the race. When submerged, the water is quickly drained, and the sock won’t become more burdensome. Made up of 63% Nylon, 28% Polyester, 9% Spandex.
  • Fit: Even if soak in water or covered with mud, those socks stay up and won’t roll down your leg
  • Sizes: Available for men and women in all size: Small (5-7), Medium (8-10) and Large (11-13)
  • Colours: Many colours and design available: Orange, green, grey, pink, blue (Savage Race edition), USA Colors (red, blue, white), Canada edition (red, white)

2. MudGear Trail Running Socks

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Mud Gear Trail Running Socks are built for competitive outdoor athlete. They excel on the open trail, in endurance and adventure races, obstacle course racing, and in outdoor training. High quarter ankle built to keep out dirt from the trail.

They guarantee superior handling of water and mud and Long lasting comfort. These trail socks offer superior drainage that will keep you light and moving throughout the race like a champ. With a tight fit on your feet, the socks will also help keep any debris from getting into your shoes and in the way.


  • Fit: These MudGear socks are equipped with medium ankle compression that keeps the mud and dirt from accumulating
  • Run injury-free: Made to prevent blisters over long runs
  • Materials: Made with breathable mesh to keep your feet comfortable through the race. A combination of 5% Spandex and 95% polyester.
  • Versatility: Specially made for obstacle racing, hiking, training and also everyday warriors like nurses, waitresses, and police officers
  • Sizes: Available for men and women in all size: Small (5-7), Medium (8-10) and Large (11-13)
  • Colours: Different colours available: Orange, green, grey and black.

3. Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No Show Toe Socks

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Maximize your comfort by minimizing bulk, moisture build-up and friction with the RUN 2.0 Lightweight No-Show. This ultra-thin, minimalist style performance toe sock allows your toes to align and splay naturally resulting in a more comfortable fit.

Keep your feet cool with the light and breathable mesh top that maximizes ventilation. The No-show rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep the sock from sliding into the shoe. Wearing in the sunshine? Fear no tan lines. Experience the ultimate in lightweight comfort!


  • Fit: Design with a double elastic band to keep the sock in place while you run, jump or crawl on the course and the enhanced cuff holds the sock comfortably in place. Anatomical right and left foot design enhance fit, it uses the 5 Toe Fit System Technology which offers a tight fit on the toes for better comfort.
  • Ventilation: Made with mesh on top to maximize airflow.
  • Materials: Made of 30% COOLMAX, 67% Nylon, and 3% Lycra to keep your feet dry throughout the race. Its superior fibre construction wicks sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable. It is most ideal for milder temperatures, shorter distances and minimal footwear.
  • Options: Available in 3 weight options, lightweight for everyday use, midweight for working out, and trail weight for rough terrain and obstacle course races.
  • Sizes: Available for men and women of all size.

4. 2XU Men’s 24/7 Graduated Compression Socks

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2XU Compression Socks are engineered to apply graduated compression throughout the foot and calf for improved circulation and faster recovery. Additional features include padded zones in the footbed for added cushioning, a seamless toe cage for greater comfort, and a vented toe panel for increased breathability.

Keep your feet fresh in the only graduated compression proven to improve your performance. This is the ideal sock for those who sit for long periods of time or those standing on their feet all day when feet can be prone to swelling and fatigue.

The 24/7 socks incorporate cotton yarns for greater comfort and padded zones in the footbed for added cushioning. Graduated compression help improves circulation for fresher feet and legs throughout the day.


  • Material: It is made up of 25% Nylon, 57% Cotton, 18% Elastane.
  • Benefits: Padded zones at heels and balls of feet for maximum comfort | Seamlessly linked toe cage | Vented panel for greater breathability | Faster recovery time | Reduces stiffness, soreness and swelling | Suitable for all-day wear
  • Tech: Lightweight PWX Fabrics | Produced on the most advanced compression needle count sock machines | Graduated fit to promote increased blood flow and help prevent blood pooling
  • Additional Features: Multi-directional stretch | Flexible and breathable | Moisture-wicking | UPF50+ sun protection | Antibacterial.
  • Recovery: all Daywear, post-exercise recovery at rest, active recovery, general travel and air travel – DVT protection
  • Sizing: Available in all sizes for both male and female.

5. Evonation Men’s Copper Graduated Compression Socks

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Sometimes a little more pressure is a very good thing. EvoNation knows this and has put that knowledge to good use in the design of this copper sole advanced graduated compression garments. EvoNation uses a computer-controlled manufacturing process to ensure your stockings will provide the perfect fit for the fitness you require; applying a consistent level of compression where you need it when you need it.

It utilizes the graduated compression zone technology which is literally woven into the very fabric of this product, scientifically engineered for your health, endurance, safety and comfort.


  • Material: Premium quality copper sole technology. Latex-Free. Nylon Spandex Copper. The gradient compression zone technology gives you optimal pressure where your body needs it most. We go to great lengths to offer unmatched performance, fashion and value.
  • Compression effect: Massages and energizes tired, achy legs and sore muscles. Soft and smooth to the touch. Helps prevent and treat: fatigue, pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling, cramps, shin splints, varicose and spider veins, lymphedema, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, plantar fasciitis and venous insufficiency therapy.
  • Designed for comfort: Copper-infused fibres help eliminate odour causing bacteria and fungi. Comfortable for all-day, everyday wear. Premium non-binding, stay up top band leaves no marks. Ideal thickness to fit any shoe. Discreet and stylish design for walking, sitting, standing, travel and all attire from casual to work, dress or formal.
  • Guaranteed perfect fit: It is available in all sizes for a perfect fit by the ankle, calf circumference and shoe size. Ergonomically designed extra toe space and seam for unrestricted foot movement. 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Constructed for durability: Superior reinforced toe and heel. Long-lasting breathable fabric. Machine washable materials and durable elastic construction using our strong micro-scaled compressive knit pattern. Hospital-grade garments worn by patients and professionals to help relieve a variety of symptoms related to blood flow, heart conditions, surgery or simply having to stand all day with sore feet; all in fashionable style and comfort.

6. Premium Performance Ankle Length Compression Socks

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Hoplite Ankle Length Running Socks are built for serious outdoor athlete. They excel in running on the open trail, in endurance and adventure races, obstacle course racing, all your training. They have high ankle and smooth knit to keep out dirt and debris from the trail with extended protection in the heel and front of the ankle reduces pinching and pressure.

They are excellent at wicking and draining water and shedding mud. They are thin and cool in the right places with extra protection where you need them. They offer superior Comfort and Durability for long-lasting comfort. Wear these socks for increased endurance, comfort, and support without collecting mud and debris.


  • Material: It is made up of 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.
  • Premium comfort and performance – Smooth Exclusive 220 needle knit provides High-Performance Comfort, Second Skin Fit, moisture-wicking, and blister prevention in these low-cut socks over all the miles. No matter where your trail takes you.
  • Blister free compression fit – Locks out dirt, sticks, rocks, and mud. My favourite everything socks! Made for trail running, hiking, training, and all-day wear. Makes your feet happy!
  • Arch support – Stops Arch Pain, Supports your foot, No Pinching or Cramping.
  • Durable protection – Comfortable, Durable, and Thin. Made to withstand the rigour of the trail, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. Ankle Length comfort and support with extended heel protection, front of the ankle, and foot-specific areas to reduce blisters and abrasion.
  • Size satisfaction guaranteed – Available in different sizes including; Small (Youth/Men 4-6 / Women 5-7), Med (Youth/Men 6.5-9.5 / Women 7.5-11), Large (Men 10-13 / Women 11.5-14) 31

Best Socks To Wear For Mud Runs – Buyer’s Guide

Okay so what makes a sock appropriate for you, the answer to this question may not be as straight forward as you think, usually, they are specific needs different socks meet based on their design and make, so in picking the most appropriate sock it is important to know exactly what need you want the sock to meet and look exactly for the one which meets these criteria.

However. On a general note, they are basic things to look out for, that every sock must have to meet the minimum requirement of a great sock before you look for the one that has the specific quality you are looking for. So here I shall be bringing to you those basic factors which makes a sock great. Read on!!!!

1. What Kind Of Fabric Does The Sock Have??

This by far may be the most important question and factor to consider when buying yourself a pair of socks to participate in a mud run. During an obstacle race, such as Spartan Race your feet will get wet. You are guaranteed to get your feet submerged in water during a mud run such as Tough Mudder. Therefore, you need a sock that won’t hold water, and that can dry fast.

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And that is where the fabric option comes in. Not all fabric material can give you that dry effect when you use them for mud runs. Your typical cotton socks will absorb the water, and your feet will feel heavier. Apart from the extra weight to carry around the course, the excess moisture will accentuate skin friction and result in painful blisters.

It’ll stretch, too, thus losing any kind of form that would otherwise protect your feet. Skin friction is at its highest when the skin is wet, and this is the perfect breeding ground for painful blisters. Socks, therefore, need to absorb as much moisture as possible – quite a challenge when you consider the combination of water and sweat that is likely to build beneath the soles of your feet during a mud run.

Moisture-wicking is a process that aims to solve this problem and can be found embedded within the best mud run socks. Thanks to some very clever material engineering, wicking socks are capable of moving moisture from the skin side of the sock, through the sock itself and out to the shoe-side.

Moisture-wicking socks are usually made of a single fibre type or blend of materials that encourage this transfer of moisture. They do their job silently, enabling you to get on with the obstacle course run without the worry of developing blisters.

Whenever you buy socks for a mud run event, look for mention of ‘Wicking’ on the packaging – you’ll be very thankful for this brilliant feat of engineering come race day. So fabric with this wicking abilities includes wool, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Bamboo.

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2. Would You Have Your Sock At Ankle Level Or Knee Level?

Most socks for mud runs and obstacle race can be broadly categorised into two; long compression socks and ankle socks. The long compression socks are usually knee-length long whereas the ankle socks are as long as the ankle. Obstacle course racers usually have their favourite of the two categories, but to help you decide which one to pick its only appropriate we talk about the high and low points of each of these socks so you can tell effectively which may be more suited to your needs.

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Long compression sock offers extra muscle support and helps prevent muscle fatigue (handy for staving off cramp). They also offer extra protection around the calves during climbing and protection from rope burns, they usually have superior wicking ability as compared to ankle socks. However, some compression socks can be ‘Over-compressed’, leading to burns.

Also due to their length, compression socks can get rather warm – not always desirable if you’re competing during the summer and can become uncomfortable if you’re used to wearing ankle socks.

Ankle sock, on the other hand, are Lightweight, less exposed, and therefore less prone to wear and tear. They are simple to wash, dry very quickly and are usually more affordable than long compression socks.

However, ankle socks lack of compression could lead to muscle fatigue during strenuous running. They offer no protection for calves and other leg muscles during climbing as well as no rope burn protection. With the ankle socks, comfort is often compromised due to use of thinner materials and some ankle socks are prone to shrinking after repeated washing.

3. Why Not Get Some Cushioning For Those Impact Area

The level of cushioning your socks have is largely dictated by your preferences. Socks that are super thick might affect the fit of your shoes, whereas socks that are too thin might not be comfortable, and may end up rubbing your feet the wrong way. Look for socks that have at least some padding at the points of contact your feet will have with the ground.

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These points are called impact area’s and can be the most battered parts of your feet. These cushioning provide some form of protection to these impact area. You should also consider buying socks with a small amount of cushioning at the back of your foot where you’re most likely to develop blisters.

4. The Amount Of Warmth You Want The Socks To Provide

Another factor to consider when purchasing running socks is the amount of warmth you want to get from them. Your feet likely heat up when you’re running, but if you have poor circulation or are running in cold conditions, you may want to opt for a thicker sock made of wool for additional warmth.

Aside from the warmth aspect of the materials, you could also choose higher-cut socks that protect more of your ankle from wind chill. Similarly, while thin cotton socks may seem tempting when you’re heading out on a ten-miler in the middle of July, choosing low cut synthetic socks will be the better choice in the long run.

5. An Appropriate Sock Size Which Fits Snuggly On You Is Necessary

A pair of socks that is too small will most likely hinder your circulation, and a pair of socks that is too big will rub and cause sores. They are specific sock sizes for every foot so you don’t end up with the wrong pair. Ensure you know your foot size before picking a pair of sock so your choice fits snuggly when you wear them.

Best Socks To Wear For Mud Runs – FAQ 

Should Runners Wear Compression Socks?

Ultimately it depends on your preference and needs at the time of making your choice, but for all long trail runs, obstacle courses compression socks are definitely an advantage to you if worn.

How Tight Should Running Compression Socks Be?

Compression socks should be tight enough to fit snuggly on your foot but shouldn’t be too tight that they start to cause pain, cause tingling, pinch the skin and leave red marks, You have numbness, or your skin becomes discoloured.

How Long Should Compression Socks Be Worn After Running?

The author of The Real-World study that showed improvements to recovery, suggests that athletes wear the socks for long or hard sessions, and for 24 hours following them.

Can Wearing Compression Socks Be Harmful?

Well, No. From all the researches done so far not a single negative effect have been discovered from the use of compression socks.

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

The following group of individual can wear compression socks;

  • People recovering from surgery
  • Bedridden patients
  • Patients who struggle to move their legs, often due to swelling
  • People who stand for long periods at work, including nurses and hospitality workers
  • Workers who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk
  • Athletes such as weight lifters and runners
  • Pregnant women
  • People who are on planes for long periods of time
  • People at risk of circulation problems such as DVT or diabetes
  • People who want to reduce the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins

Who Should Not Wear Compression Socks?

Individuals who should not wear compression stockings may include;

  • Those who have been diagnosed with ischemia (advanced arterial disease), Untreated septic phlebitis, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, and phlegmasia coerulea dolens.
  • People may also be discouraged from using compression stockings if they suffer from intolerance to compression stocking material, concomitant dermatoses, advanced peripheral neuropathy (a sensory disturbance of the limb) or arthritis.

Best Socks To Wear For Mud Runs – Conclusion

For the ultimate mud run experience, the appropriate socks has to be worn by every participant. Hopefully, you find the article useful and most of your concern and questions answered,  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below In case you have any questions. See you on the race track.