Salomon Sense Escape 2 Review – Reason To Buy/Not To

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When it comes to outdoor sports, the Salomon brand has been at the fore in terms of quality and assurance. For over 70 years in existence, the Salomon brand has held its own in a very competitive market space and this can be attributed to the extensive research they have put in their products to make it better.

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If you intend to go on any form of hiking or trail running, millions of professionals are more likely to recommend the Salomon brand before any other brand, and the reason is clear; The Salomon brand offers you the required comfort and traction needed for mountainous, and other various terrains. If trust and assurance was a shoe, then it definitely would have been Salomon.

Salomon Sense Escape 2 Review

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From the stables of Salomon comes this great piece of art. The Salomon sense escape 2 comes with a unique style that beats the imagination in so many ways, and here are some reasons why

Main Features



Salomon shoes are known to have a dominating look and a light feel to the feet, but the Salomon sense escape 2 is different in the sense that it has a beautiful appeal to the eye whilst maintaining the lightweight properties associated with Salomon shoes.

Superior Grip

The Salomon sense escape 2 has a very superior grip that aids its traction properties on the track. It provides you with the required balance and support while running. The mid-sole also provides maximum support to give your feet the ultimate comfort required.

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Air Space

Do you feel uncomfortable running shoes due to sweat on your feet? Well, not with the Salomon Escape 2. Its material composition allows air to flow freely to ensure maximum dryness while running.

It also comes in the female version that also embodies the characteristics stated above albeit designed to match the female foot anatomy. Every sex has the opportunity to enjoy this one.


It comes in the standard scheme of shoe sizes. However, when it comes to the width size, the options available are D-medium for men and B-medium for women. The word out there from people who have used this product suggest that customers with low medium foot dimensions are more likely to enjoy the products than the ones with larger foot dimensions

The Outsole Section

The outsoles are made with CounterGrip technology. This tech helps the shoe to resist any form of wear and tear in its early stage, thereby making it last longer. It is also embedded with the traction nodes such as the lugs pockmarks that allow it to maintain perfect contact with rough terrains.

The shallow flex grove technology allows your feet to move flexibly and freely in areas that require you to bend a lot such as the toe and the heel. Your feet are bound to be very comfortable with all these technologies playing their vital role.

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The Midsole Section

Have you ever heard of the VIBE technology? Well, this technology combines the full-length energy cell system and the opal. The energy cell system provides cushion support within the gait circle, and also acts as a shock absorber as the feet hit the ground, while the opal system offers a plush feel to your feet to allow for more relaxation.

The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) technology is used to produce the sock liner of this shoe. It provides more support to the arches and other vital parts of the feet.

The Upper Section

If you ever hated the feeling of your feet wobbling in a shoe, then you can be assured some respite with the Salomon sense escape 2 due to the synthetic mesh that is used to design the upper section of the shoe. The design pattern attaches your feet to your shoe as socks would be to your feet.

The SensiFit technology also helps to align the midsole and the fabric to the shoelace system to provide maximum grip and fit. It also uses the Quicklace system that allows you to fasten the shoe to your feet without you having to knot them up.

Based on previous users, 14% think the shoe is small, while 86% feel the shoe fits them properly. There have been no compliant on the shoe being too big.

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Reason Not To Buy

Those with broad foot have had a little complaint about it being too narrow, so you might what to check the sizes available before making your purchase.

Some have also complained of the firm nature of the under-footing which day feel is not suitable for everyday use. The fraction of people with this compliant is quite low, but you might want to be wary of this fact if you consider it for everyday use.

Salomon Sense Escape 2 Review – FAQ

Are Salomon Shoes Covered By Warranty?

Yes, Salomon products in their entirety are covered by a warranty based on certain conditions. according to the Salomon website, the warranty term reads, and I quote.

“SALOMON provides warranty to consumers who purchased SALOMON product (Product(s)) from SALOMON or one of it authorized retailers. SALOMON warrants all new Products to be free from manufacturing or material defects (Defects) for the Warranty Period as defined below.

This warranty applies only against Defects discovered within the Warranty Period and extends only to the original purchaser of the Product. SALOMON will take all reasonable care to ensure the Products meet their description and specifications, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Products you purchase are designed for your intended use.

This warranty is valid and enforceable only in the country where the Product was purchased by the original purchaser, provided that SALOMON has intended that the Product be offered for sale in that country. This warranty is also enforceable in any country within the European Economic Area where SALOMON has an authorized importer, subsidiary, or distributor.

Please refer to the SALOMON authorized retailers list. Depending on the country, particular and variable warranties may apply concerning applicable legislation; to the extent that such warranties may not be excluded or limited by applicable law, nothing in this warranty policy shall exclude or limit these statutory provisions.” you can get the full warranty guide on their official website by Clicking Here.

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How Can I Differentiate Between A Trail Running Shoe And A Walking Shoe?

Not every shoe design is made for the road or mountains. Running shoes are different from walking shoes in more ways than one, and if you are having a challenge distinguishing between both shoes, let me ease that burden with these key points.


When it comes to design, walking shoes tend to be flashier than trail shoes. They have a beauty about them that can be easily spotted from a distance whereas, trail running shoes tend to have this seriousness about them no matter how flashy they might appear after all no one looks at the legs when running, all eyes are usually focused ahead. Trail running shoes also have lots of what a layman will call ‘lines’ but in the real sense are traction support to stop you from falling.


In terms of weight, running shoes are lighter compared to walking shoes due to the amount of rapid movement carried out when running. The lighter a running shoe, the better it is.

Cushion Advantage

More emphasis is placed on cushioning the forefoot and the heel in a running shoe to help absorb shock on the joint areas while running shoes are normally flat in such areas.

Heel Drop

Due to the motion involved in running, most running shoes have their heels slightly elevated to improve stability and counteract overpronation. A running shoe can have its heel elevated to 4 millimetres or slightly less. There are lots of walking shoes whose heel drop is zero, and when you run in such shoes, your heels are not provided with the standard protection.


The flexibility of a walking shoe lies around the forefoot. This is because walkers exert more force on their toes while walking. Running shoes have their flexibility around the mid-foot or the arch region. In simpler terms, a running shoe will bend easily around the middle, while a walking shoe will bend easily around the forefoot region.

There you go! These simple but effective guides should help you differentiate between a walking shoe and a running shoe.

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How Can I Choose A Good Trail Running Shoe?

As you now know, trail running shoes are different than your normal walking shoes, albeit, there are still things you need to know before making a purchase. Take note of these few points I will be dishing out below.

Shoe Type

When it comes to running shoes, there are three basic types to consider which include light trail and rugged trail, and off-trail.

Light Rail Shoes

These types of running shoes are best suited for even surfaces and hard terrains such as tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Some of their characteristics include the following

  • They are lightweight,
  • they have good traction to handle slippery conditions associated with the hard terrains,
  • the mid-soles of these shoes are built to maintain comfort for a very long time, and they bring your feet closer to the ground to aid more grip.
  • They are partly flexible to enhance the heel and arch movement, and partly stiff to prevent the feet from wobbling.

Rugged Rail Shoes

Rugged rail shoes are built for tough and rugged terrains such as mud terrains, mountain or rocky terrains, mining terrains, etc. A rugged terrain shoe is usually designed in this manner.

  • The lug patterns are heavily designed to maximize the grip support irrespective of the contact angle.
  • Rugged terrain shoe takes traction very seriously due to the terrain they are built for.
  • They are built with tough materials to prevent bush and thorns from your feet.
  • Their soles are built to hold its own when it comes to mud, and soft surfaces, the wide spaces between the lugs allows soft soil and mud to drop off easily.
  • Even on wet rock or wooden surfaces, some good rugged rail shoes will prevent slipping hazards due to the rubber soles they are made with.
  • Some models have stiff midsoles and internal shanks to stabilize your feet regardless of the uneven nature of the surface.
  • Some models also contain hidden plates and toe guards to protect your feet from roots and rocks.

Off Rail Shoes

Off rail shoes embodies everything about a rugged rail shoe albeit with more enhanced characteristics. These shoes are the go-to when you are not certain of the terrain you might encounter. If you ever wanted to visit hell, then it should be in one of these.

  • The materials are usually more resilient than the two types of running shoes combined.
  • Polyurethane foam mid-soles are more likely to be used in the midsole section instead of EVA foam
  • It provides greater torsional rigidity to help protect your ankle from the sudden twisting force.
  • Compared to the others, it is more waterproof.

Size And Fit

Having the right shoe size is quintessential to avoiding ankle injuries and other foot injuries, but getting the right size is not enough. your running shoe should align with your foot anatomy. most shoe companies make shoes around a form known as “last.” A “last” is very similar to your shoe build, so getting the one that fits is synonymous with getting the right shoe.

Most shoe stores take their time to check out these features, and some even give you the chance to run on a treadmill to ascertain how comfortable you feel in them. if it doesn’t fit, then it’s not worth it.

choosing your running shoes should be mostly dependent on the surface terrain you would be running on, but if you aren’t sure of what5 to expect, then I suggest that you go for an off rail shoe so as not to be caught off-guard.

Based on the rail type, the following Salomon shoes should get the job done for you.

How Do I Know When To Replace My Running Shoe?

Some of us get easily attached to things, to a point that we no longer care about the health implications they may have on us when they are used longer than necessary, but this shouldn’t be so especially when it comes to our running shoes.

No matter how attached you are to your running shoes, you are recommended to change them after every 500-mile run. reason being that it is at this point some safety features of the shoe such as the shock-absorbing feature begins to wear out.

if you must retain your running shoe due to a fondness for it, then it should be on a shelf where you can see it every day, and not your legs.

Here are some other factors that can play a role in how long your shoe can last.

  • Body Weight: Regardless of your shoe make, a person who is heavily built will have the lifeline of his or her shoe reduced drastically.
  • Casual Usage: If you wear your running shoe for other purposes asides running, then you can be sure equally add up those miles too because they count towards the overall mile life of your shoe.

Wear And Tear

The moment you begin to see the heel of your shoes giving way, then you have all the sign you need to start saving up for your next pair of running shoes. it doesn’t have to be too obvious, but as soon as your shoe bends to one corner when placed on an even surface then that’s it.

Sudden Discomfort

This can happen gradually. If after a while you start to feel discomfort on your heel region, or you start seeing blisters where they aren’t supposed to be, then it’s probably the best time to get a new pair.

How Can I Extend The Life Span Of My Running Shoe?

Here are some few tricks you can try to extend the life span of your shoes

Gently Remove Your Shoes

I know the feeling of being exhausted and sweaty, but no matter how tired I get, I always take out time to properly remove my running gears before dashing into the shower. avoid the mistake of placing your foot on the heel of the foot to remove your shoe, especially when the laces are still tight. sit down if you can’t bend, undo the laces, and gently use your hands to remove them. A display of gentility can have a lasting impact on your shoes. treat them with care.

Have A Pair You Can Interchange With

Wear and tear come from continuous use, and as such it is vital to have two pairs of running shoes particularly if you run every day. Having two pairs will keep the other pair fresh and ready when not in use, and as such you could easily double the lifespan of both in the process.

Running Shoes Are Not Walking Shoes

Don’t complain about the longevity of your shoes if you don’t use it for its primary purpose. Running shoes are for running, and running alone. If you choose to walk around in them for reasons best known to you, then stand the risk of overworking the soles than necessary.

Salomon Sense Escape 2 Review – Conclusion 

Salomon is a brand name that continues to affect millions of athletes positively around the world due to the quality and authenticity of their sports apparel. if you ever wanted to know what success tasted like, a good way to start would be getting a pair of Salomon Sense Escape 2 on your feet, and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s either Salomon or nothing.