Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Women’s Review – Reason To Buy/Not To

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The thought of adventure is always one we harbour at various stages of our life, and at some point in time, fulfilling those wishes helps in making us feel good about ourselves. When you decide to hike or stretch your body above its normal limits, you have to do it rightly, and doing it right is to get the proper gear to aid your adventure accordingly.

The Altra Lone Peak 4.5 is one shoe to wear on your quest for adventure, and for so many reasons I will be spelling out shortly. The Altra franchise might have made a quiet entry into the market space, but the durability of their products is now making all the noise. The Altra Lone series has received steady applause in the shoe market, and for good reason too.

Altra has made it a habit of improving on its products based on costumer’s suggestion, and it’s no wonder the Altra Lone peak 4.5 comes with some modifications to suit all runner’s needs.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Women’s Review

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For starters, the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 has been redesigned for better comfort and durability. The upper section of this shoe has been trimmed down compared to other editions to aid foot resilience and movement.

The lacing system has also been simplified to firmly lock your foot in, all through to the midsole section, while the toe box provides the toe with more freedom to express themselves.

The heel segment was not left out in the upgrade of this product. An important inclusion is a somewhat narrow design added with a sewn loop that helps you remove your shoe easily, and the icing on a very tasty cake is the resilient midsole section that provides additional comfort all through your adventure.

In totality, Altra didn’t go for a complete revamp as some would have it. They only made the necessary tweaks to ensure more comfort when running and hiking. The rollback to the conventional lacing system on Altra’s part has received a warm reception, making sure that the midfoot are secured and adequately protected.

While a few might not see any major difference between the previous versions and the Altra Lone peak 4.5, the updates and appraisal it has received from test runners make it a must-have for Altra mavericks and new users alike.


  • very flexible feel
  • highly comfortable
  • Awesome bounce movement
  • Efficient traction for all trail surfaces
  • Enhanced durability


  • Fewer colours to choose from
  • Some avid runners feel the toe box spacing of the Altra Lone peak 4.5 is okay for normal running but problematic for an actual race.

Juicy Stats Of The Altra Lone Peak 4.5


  • The Altra Lone peak 4.5 women shoe weighs 8.7 oz (ounce), and the men version weighs 10.6 oz
  • The heel has a stack height of 25mm same as the forefoot, and the heel-toe offset stands at 0mm
  • It is designed for trail activities such as running and hiking

The Altra Lone peak 4.5 is available for all genders and has various size options as well, so be sure to pick the right fit.

I will be reviewing this shoe based on the multiple conclusions drawn from shoe testers around the world, who took out time to weigh in with their opinions after several weeks of using the product. The criteria for this review will include the following;

  • Flexibility
  • Upper support
  • Texture
  • Underfoot protection
  • Bounce Ability


Considering the triclaw technology used in designing the underfoot, the aggressive lug, and the balanced cushioning that places the heel and the forefoot on the same distance from the ground, the Altra Lone peak 4.5 still possess almost a 70% level of flexibility.

According to a female tester named Tracie who had nothing but praise for the flexibility of the product, she truthfully said: “I love how flexible these shoes are, even with their protective feel. They feel very natural”.

Upper Support

The new-look lacing system allows you to tightly lock in your foot in the footy section of the shoe. This feature helps to increase the durability of the show while you wear them. Although runners with narrow feet have complained about the Toe-box being sloppy, the wider foot persons have had nothing but praise for it.


The Altra Lone peak 4.5 is designed with a two-layer midsole system that is harmonized with the EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) technology and the A-Bound technology to provide sustainable resilience.

Testers who had the privilege of testing the product affirmed that the underfoot of the Altra Lone peak 4.5 was tenacious than older versions in this series, and they also unanimously agreed that the rigidity of the shoe didn’t affect its natural feel.

David P who tested the shoe had this to say. “This update maintains a slightly softer, spongy underfoot feel which provides a comfortable ride on most types of trails. The softness made this shoe ideal for hard-packed trails when I wanted a little more cushioning”.

Underfoot Protection

Another consensus made by testers is the effective way the underfoot is protected by the Altra lone pick 4.5. This is down to the fact that the Duratread technology used in making the outsole rubber does an effective job in offering not just grip strength but protection in general. The GaiterTrap technology which helps in ensuring that debris is not built up underneath the soles also helps strengthen the traction properties of the shoe.

Tracie who happens to be a tester had this to say about this unique property of the Altra lone pick 4.5 “The lone pick 4.5 offers a significant amount of underfoot protection without being bulky or having an excessive amount of cushioning underfoot. The rock plate makes it tough so that I can plow through rocky chunks without worrying much about foot placement”

The above statement in italics was made by a female tester; however, some male testers had a different opinion in terms of vouching for the underfoot in rocky terrains. They complained that they could feel some little effect of the rocks as they hiked through rocky terrains.

This made me conclude that the overall weight of an individual has a lot to do with enjoying the features of this shoe, in other words, if you weigh above 120 pounds or its kilogram equivalent, you should consider using extra insoles for more protection and comfort.

Bounce Ability

Considering the recent technology used in enhancing the midsole section of the Altra lone peak 4.5, Testers equally agreed that it provided more bounce advantage, compared to the older models. They also generally agreed that they maintained a faster tempo when they wore the Altra lone peak 4.5 compared to other models.

A tester who wishes to be addressed simply by David had this to say. “The A-Bound and EVA cushioning combined for a bouncy feel that put a little spring into each step. While not as noticeable when climbing steep ascents, the cushioning responded well on flat sections and downhill.”

To end this review, I should remind you that the Altra lone peak 4.5 comes in both the male and female designs. Both versions have the same characteristics with only a slight difference in the design of the female version, which is made with the FIT4HER technology in other to accommodate the unique anatomy of a lady’s foot.

So if you’re going for that adventure, treasure hunt, or whatever scenario you choose to participate in, having an Altra lone peak 4.5 would be the first step to gaining the need advantage for total conquest.

Below, I will be answering some basic questions concerning some questions you might have about the Altra running shoe franchise.

Do Altra Shoes Run Small?

According to Dr. Marty Huges who is a certified chiropractic physician popularly known as DC, he observed that all Altra models run a bit small but he recommended that you order at least half size up from your normal running shoes. For instance, if you would normally wear a size 10 when buying an Altra, you should probably go for a 10.5.

He also stated some other factors to consider when choosing your shoe which includes whether or not you plan on using the optional footbeds which are prevalent in Altra shoes, and whether or not you plan on using your Altra shoes with correct toes.

In his own words, he said and I quote “if you plan to use your shoes with any of the included footbeds or with correct toes, you will most definitely want to size up a half to even a full size beyond your conventional running shoes”.

To play it safe, you can always order for two sizes that are intermediary to each other, and then return the one that doesn’t fit, but you should only do this with stores or outlets that have a good returning policy.

Are Altra Lone Peak Waterproof?

Yes, they are, and with good reasons too. The brand new Altra All-Weather Series (AWS) is 100% waterproof and is one of the best options you can have if you enjoy running during the winter. The upper part of the shoe is made up of eVent that promotes breathability within the toe area, and at the same time offers you the maximum comfort and protection regardless of the weather condition you choose to run in.

How Do You Lace Altra Lone Peak 4? 

The Altra lone series are known to have spaces in the toe-box, so to prevent your feet from wobbling inside, it is necessary to have the shoes properly laced up to provide a perfect fit. The good thing about the Altra lone series is that it comes laced, and it is this method that most runners have stuck with. You are highly recommended to leave it that way. Don’t try to get too imaginative or fancy, and end up risking a foot injury while running.

How Long Do Altra Shoes Last?

The life span of a shoe is dependent on many factors such as the weight of the individual, the terrain surface, how often the shoe is being used, among several others. Altra has stated that all the shoes in their production line will last between 300 miles and 600 miles, but this figure like I stated earlier on, is dependent on several factors you can control.

If you want your shoe to last longer, follow these simple guidelines.

  • Unless you are left with no other option, wear your shoes only when you need to wear them.
  • Have two pairs you can interchange with from time to time.
  • Clean your shoes regularly, and place them in an open space to dry after every run
  • Wear socks if necessary to reduce the amount of water the insoles absorb from the sweat formed on your feet.

Do All Altra Shoes Have “Zero Drops”?

The beauty of the Altra franchise is their desire to ensure that you run naturally, and as such, all their shoes are perfectly flat from the heel way down to the metatarsals. The “zero drops” term is used to indicate that the heel and the forefoot of an Altra shoe do not differ in height, and it is for this reason that many runners use an Altra when running. If you don’t feel naturally free to express yourself while running, then what’s the point of running?

Do All Altra Shoes Have A Warranty?

Yes! The Altra franchise warranty states and I quote “Altra provides a 300-500 mile warranty on any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase on a shoe that was purchased from or an authorized Alter retailer. Alter warranty program does not cover defects due to improper fit, normal wear, and tear, damage due to misuse, alteration of the product, or negligence. Product covered by the Altra’s guarantee will be replaced by Altra discretion”.

How Do I Clean My Altra Shoe?

The Altra franchise has recommended that you clean your shoe as soon as they are exposed to dirt. Do not allow your Alter shoes to be washed in a washing machine, rather, simply handwash using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Can I Wear My Insoles Or Custom Orthotics In Altra?

One exciting feature about Altra’s is the versatility and opportunities their product offers, and to answer the question, yes, you can use orthotics with your Altra shoe. Due to the trademark “Zero Heel” features in all Altra shoes, the insoles will even work better when placed on an even feet box like the one Altra provides.

Are Altra Shoes Minimalist Shoes?

Minimalist shoes are shoes that are almost equivalent to your barefoot running and walking condition. Research has shown that minimalist shoes will help improve the strength of the arch. But just so we are clear on this, “Zero heels” does not in any way imply minimalist. Although, despite the light cushioning in Altra shoes, they tend to give you something close to putting on a minimalist shoe.

Do Altra Shoes Have Arch Support?

Yes! Altra’s have two versions of arch support depending on your feet type, the Paradigm, and the Provision. Regardless of the one you end up with, Altra is certain to provide your foot with all the needed support and natural feel to aid your running journey.

Which Altra Shoes Are Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is caused when the fascia tissue running from your heel to your toe gets overstretched or in a worst-case scenario torn, and as a result of this, serious pain is felt in the underfoot. For anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, wearing the wrong shoe will always be a problem, and that’s why the Altra shoes I will be mentioning below will do you a whole lot of good.

Altra Instincts

Persons who had plantar fasciitis recommended the Altra instincts due to the freedom you get from moving or wriggling your toes in the toe box. As stated earlier, all Altra shoes have no heel height, and such design will help keep your underfoot even. The multilayered cushioning system also makes the underfoot extremely comfortable.

Altra Escalante

The looks of this shoe might prompt you to normalize wearing them, and you won’t be wrong. The Altra Escalante is known to be very bouncy, and women will have no stress putting this on due to the sleek design and lightweight. The Escalante is also known to be very bouncy and when you couple it with the cushion and the zero drop features for Altra shoes, you will be glad you got them. Any of these models would serve the purpose of protecting your feet all through the race.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Women’s Review – Conclusion 

Running has we have it today has gone beyond just stretching your legs and trying to lose a few pounds, and if you want to get the best out of it, you should ensure that your feet are protected at all times. It’s not just wearing a shoe for the sake of wearing it; it’s about ensuring that your running shoe fits your leg anatomy irrespective of your gender.

Always take out time to ask the right questions from experts who have been in the field long to know what your feet need. If you have any further questions, kindly drop them in the comment section, and we will gladly help.

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