Injinji Running Socks Review – Reasons To Buy/Not To

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Injinji Running Socks Review

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The Injinji socks review has had many rave reviews over the past year, and it’s easy to see why. Made with the best of materials available, athletes have had a lot of contributions to make as to why they feel this product makes them excel in their sporting line. Before we go into what testers had to say, let’s dig down into the features of the Injinji socks.


Fabric Quality

It is made with a well-tailored fabric system to help mitigate the harsh conditions your feet might be exposed to. The 200 needle count system applied in the design of the socks gives it an ultra-thin fit that helps to increase its durability. The mesh top design also ensures that air passes through the socks to your feet without thereby reducing the chances of bacteria forming in the process. In summary, it is made with 64% NuWool, 33% nylon, and 3% Lycra.

Keeps The Feet Dry

It is constructed in such a way that the fit remains dry at all times. This also implies that you can use it for hot temperate regions without feeling the impact of the sweat on your feet caused by the heat.

Arch Support System

The arch support system secures your foot firmly to your running shoe, thereby increasing your comfort in the process.

Right Foot And Left Foot Design

If you are used to just tossing a sock on, without considering the placement, then you sure have a thing coming with the Injinji socks. It is designed with the anatomy of each foot (left and right) in mind to give you the perfect feel and experience when you put them on.

Cuff Technology

With the cuff technology imbibed into the design, you don’t have to worry about the socks wobbling on your fit, or your foot pulling out of your shoe when you race. It glues to your feet firmly.

5 Toe-Fit Technology

With the 5 toe technology, the Injinji socks offer each toe a unique, comfortable, and pleasant feel. Having known what to expect from the Injinji socks, let’s see what the testers had to say regarding their experience with the socks.

Please note that the result was gotten from various testers who had used the socks for a couple of days. Some of them participated in athletic activities, while others simply used them in walking activities such as hiking.

The review below gives you an insight into what to expect depending on the activity you want to undertake with the socks.

What Testers Had To Say About The Injinji Socks (Pros And Cons)

Extremely Comfortable

In terms of comfort, the testers generally agreed that the socks were comfortable, and runners also admitted that the snug nature of the socks to took about 15 minutes to get their feet accustomed to it, but was it did, there was no going back. Hikers also say that the socks allow the toes to widen naturally thanks to the toe fit design and that it helped to increase their stability.

All-round Usage

Testers also liked the fact that they could use it for multiple occasions and diverse weather conditions. They believe it is perfect for hiking, putting on a sandal, and in normal shoes as well.

Perfect Fit

Runners and hikers alike agree that the Injinji socks gave their toes the freedom to splay naturally on their own, making them participate actively during the exercise. Some testers went ahead to test the Injinji socks in constant use and sweaty conditions, and the result they got was outstanding, to say the least.

The Injinji socks did not become slippery or lose their shape by becoming stretchy after several days. Alex Gulsby, a fellow tester attributed this result to the 30% nylon make of the Injinji socks.

Snugly Fit

Many of the testers found this feature amazing because they wore the Injinji socks for multiple days straight and yet felt as though there was nothing on their foot. The toes separation feature also meant that there was no itchy feel on their part.

Warmly Feel

The runners who tested the Injinji socks had nothing but praise for the product reason being that, whenever they ran in them, the socks provided warmth which helped in preventing blisters during running. The runners also had praise for the Injinji socks to regulate the moisture.

However, testers who used the Injinji socks during inactivity complained that the five-toe design of the Injinji socks prevented heat circulation, and as such, wearing the Injinji socks and expecting to feel warm during inactivity didn’t go down well with them.

Thick Fabric

Testers who went on extreme hiking experience (thru-hiking) didn’t fancy the durability of the Injinji socks to see them through their quest unscathed. Not that they had any problem with the overall durability though, they just felt that the extreme conditions to be encountered when thru-hiking didn’t look like something the Injinji socks were built for.

Best Time To Wear Injinji Socks

After close to a month of rigorous testing, testers agreed that the Injinji socks will serve normal day hikers and runners. They also agreed that they were a good fit for sleeping during camping activities in weather above 30 degrees.

A General Summary Of The Injinji Socks

Below are conclusions made on the performance of the Injinji socks after hiking, sleeping, running

Hiker’s Summary

As stated earlier, the Injinji socks aren’t recommended for extreme hiking conditions, but normal day hiking expedition. Hikers unanimously agreed that the Injinji socks served excellently when tested during the day-hike due to the snug-like nature of the socks, and they felt comfortable in them, but it was a no-no for extreme hiking activities.

Runner’s Summary

This is where the Injinji socks had the best results. Runners agreed that the Injinji socks more than held its own in terms of handling sweaty conditions due to the sweat-wicking technology, and also the breathable fabric used in the design. Running testers also agreed that they felt more balance with their foot in them.

Sleeper’s Summary

As stated earlier, Testers who slept with the Injinji brand of socks in sleeping bags complained of cold toes due to the design of the socks, and as such, have advised others not to sleep with them during cold weather without doubling them.

  • So in general, this is how I rate the Injinji socks.
  • Walking (perfect)
  • Running (perfect)
  • Day hiking (excellent)
  • Thru-hiking (poor)
  • Sleeping (depends on the weather) cold timing is poor, and the normal temperature is good.

Below are more questions you might have about the Injinji socks, and toes socks in general.

Are Injinji Socks Worth It?

When you consider the price range of the Injinji socks you might ask the question above, but if you consider the long term benefit of the Injinji socks, you will see that it is worth every penny. Testers wore them continually for days and came up with reasons why the Injinji socks would benefit prospective owners as I clearly stated above. So if you want value for your money, the Injinji socks are the best place to start from.

What Size Of The Injinji Socks Do I Need?

You can easily determine your socks size by how long your foot is in inches. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your shoe size is the same thing as your socks size. Let me show you an example, a woman shoe size of size 7 is about 13.5 inches which is the length of the foot.

As for Injinji, they provided a chart you can use to determine your size before placing your others which is as follows;

Size Men Women
S (small) 5 – 7.5 6 – 8.5
M (medium) 8 – 10.5 9 – 11.5
L (large) 11 – 13 12+
XL (extra large) 13.5+


How Do I Wash My Injinji Socks?

Injinji socks do not shrink after prolong washing as long as you follow the washing guidelines. You can machine-wash your socks, albeit on delicate in cold water. You are also advised to hang them to dry. Don’t put your Injinji socks in dryers because they wear out the quality of the socks in the long run.

Are Toe Socks Better For Running?

Absolutely! Now, I’m not just talking about Injinji socks, but toe socks in general. When running, toe socks make you feel like you are running barefooted due to its separated toes, and not only that, it also increases a runner’s stability and balance.

You also tend to bounce off the ground due to the toe expanding on impact, and as such, your speed and forward movement is propelled forward.

Toe socks are generally the best when it comes to running; you definitely won’t be able to get them off your feet when start developing a certain kind of fondness for the quality of the Injinji socks.

Should Running Socks Be Thick Or Thin?

As you now know the Injinji socks are perfect for running despite its thick nature. However, for running socks in general, you are advised to consider the weather outlook before deciding the thickness of your socks.

Thin socks are generally known to cause blisters when running due to the friction they generate, but they are excellent for hot weather conditions, while thick socks are appropriate for cold weather conditions.

Do Toe Socks Prevent Blisters?

If there was one thing toe socks prevented, then it would be the blisters. Blisters are mainly caused by frictional movement between the shoe and the feet; and in the case where each toe are protected, the chances of having blisters ruin your feet are almost cut out to zero.

Do Toe Socks Keep Your Feet Warmer?

Based on the observations recorded by various testers, toe socks do help keep the feet warm, but that seems to depend on the activity at hand. Socks in general help keep the feet warm in cold weather, but this also depends on the thickness of the socks. To answer the question, the thicker a toe sock is, the higher the chances of the feet getting warm, and vice-versa.

Benefits Of Toe Socks

Toe socks have many benefits when you look at it from various aspects. Let’s look at some of them below.

Excellent Moisture Absorber

The socks we have been used to will have our toes clustered together thereby generating heat which would normally cause sweat, and make our toes to blister; but with the introduction of toe socks, individual toes are protected from rubbing against each other whilst reducing the amount of heat in the process. The little sweat produced is then absorbed by socks which goes a long way in keeping the toes dry.

Aids Proper Balance

If you have ever run with your barefoot, then you will know the sort of balance the toes provide when running. Toe socks give you the perfect balance you need to spring forward with ease, and when you combine this feature with a good running shoe, you are likely to find out that you are bouncing as it is, and with good balance too.

Prevents Against Athlete’s Food

Athlete foot is a fungi disease that occurs when fungi grow in-between the toes of the feet due to moist dirt accumulated over time, and also personal neglect on the person’s part. The important step in avoiding this infection is to wash in-between your toes when taking your bath, and also use toe socks very often. Due to the sweat-wicking ability toe-socks provide, little or no sweat is accumulated in between your toes thereby keeping your toes equally dried at all times.

Balanced Circulation

Generally speaking, blood flows easily through the veins and arteries when the body is not entangled in any way. When the toes are clustered together in a normal sock, blood circulation to the toe area can easily be a problem and in some individuals, this could cause numbness. Toe socks on the other hand provide you with the necessary freedom the toe needs to maintain constant blood flow around it, which would guarantee you exceptional comfort.

Continuous Cooling Effect

Toe socks provide easy blood circulation, and in the process give very little room for excessive heating in the toe region. This would mean that the toes are always dry regardless of how snugly the socks might feel to the skin.

Perfect Fit

The fit a toe sock gives to an individual is second to none, and this is because its main goal is to provide all-round uniformity to give the user a perfect sense of oneness.  The Lycra used in the production also makes it very stretchy and easy to wear or take off. With toe socks on, you no longer have to feel heavy putting on a shoe and a sock, toe socks practically locks your foot in, to provide your foot with a very comfortable feeling once you wear shoes of any kind.

Flexible Toes

Toe sock allows you to wriggle your toes easily without rubbing them against each other. They also allow you to wear a variety of foot wares without compromising your safety.

Are There Other Good Trail Socks?

Yes, there are! Aside from the Injinji socks, other socks were tested as well, and I will be quickly reviewing some of them.

Darn Tough Socks

Many testers have come to believe that the darn tough socks are the best in the market due to its extreme comfort and durability, and for the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee makes it all the more interesting.

In terms of the pros of the darn tough socks, the testers loved the fact that it came with a lifetime warranty. The fact that it was knitted on a small needle, fine-gauge knitting machine provides it with the necessary durability and also makes it less bulky, and when a sock is less bulky, you can be sure of it fitting you properly.

Some testers had issues with the colour variety as they feel that more colours should be included in the production line, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t fashion-centric. Some also had an issue with the middle cushion located at the base of the socks as they felt it gave them a canny feeling when hiking, while others said it gave them an extra layer of protection.

You can always pick your side of the divide by putting them on.

Smartwool PhD. Outdoor Medium Crew

Smartwool is a trademark sock brand due to the versatility in the styles they offer, and unlike the Darn Tough socks, they come in a variety of colours to compliment your style. Some testers complained of the socks stretching after continuous usage without washing, so you might want to wash your SmartWool socks before using them.

Wigwam Hiking Outdoor Pro

Testers confirm that the wigwam hiking outdoor pro socks have a very snugly feel which is an advantage for outdoor activities. Hikers also say it is excellent when used for sleeping purposes. Its durability has been called into question when compared to other brands though.

I hope you make the right choice with any of the socks reviewed in this article, but in terms of running, any of the stocks mentioned above will serve the intended purpose.

Injinji Running Sock Review – Conclusion

Socks are an important part of our fashion sense that people take less seriously. Shoe odour and some foot diseases can be avoided if the right type of socks is used, and as such, it is necessary to take advantage of the information above and help yourself accordingly. To healthier feet, I say cheers.

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