Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs In 2022

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Everyone who has ever participated in a mud racing event will most definitely have a common answer when asked how the race went, which is usually “Fun and exciting“. Such note-worthy reports are what has led to the continuous popularity of the event amongst individuals all over the world.

Men and women see it as a means to challenge themselves to the tough environment mud racing have to offer, and if it is your first time, then you should probably ensure you protect yourself from some of the niggling injuries that some participants ignore or take for granted. (Read Also: How To Train For A Dirty Girl Mud Run)

Crawling on your knee is one aspect of the race you are sure to experience while engaging some obstacles, and as such, mudders have had injuries that could have been better avoided if only they had protected their knees with knee pads.

Due to the adrenaline that pumps up in your body during the race, you might not feel the pain of such injuries until the race has been long concluded, and as a lady reading this, always remember that a lady can only be as young as her knees. Keep them fresh as often as possible.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 4 Picks Of The Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs & Other OCRs In 2021

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WarriorPak OCR Mud Run Knee PadsCheck Price
Shock Doctor Knee Compressive SleeveCheck Price
Mizuno LR6 Knee PadsCheck Price
Adidas Unisex Knee PadsCheck Price

Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs – Reviews

1. Adidas Unisex Knee Pads

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Adidas is a household name in terms of sporting apparel, and this knee pad surely lives up to expectations. Here are some things you should expect.


Material Quality

It is made up of 100% polyester, which makes it tangible and extremely cosy on your knees.

Size And Colour

It comes in small, medium, and large size that you can pick from. It also comes in black or white, but I suggest you go for the black since it’s mud racing.


Depending on your size and the size you ordered, the Adidas knee pad is sure to fit properly around your knee, as well as, stretch to a reasonable extent to provide protection and support to the calf area.


It is padded with foam to give your knee a soft landing shield. Your knees can count on it for all-round protection.

Machine Wash

It can also be washed with a machine without having an impact on material quality. All you need do is soak it a little and watch the machine do its magic. As far as knee pads go, you can be sure to get your money’s worth on this one.

2. McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

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For your mud run, I strongly suggest you get two pairs of the McDavid knee pad due to its versatility, not only can you wear it on your knees, but also on your elbow, and shin. It is made with a lofty closed cell padding to give you the maximum comfort and protection you desire.


  • It has a very comfy closed cell foam padding that provides you with the needed comfort, confidence, and protection.
  • The HydraVent moisture management technology will guarantee that you are always cool and dry by wicking moisture from your skin without any form of odour.
  • The arm compression (when used on the elbow) is sure to keep your muscles warmed up and rearing to go. This also helps to reduce the risk of fatigue and muscle cramps.
  • It can be washed with a machine whilst retaining its quality and style. Be it your shin, knee, or elbow, the McDavid versatile pad is sure to give you the maximum comfort and protection for your mud run. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

3. Mizuno LR6 Knee Pads

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The Mizuno LR6 is uniquely designed to give your knee the extra support it really requires.


  • It is made with 50% polyester, 22% Rayon, and 28% elastic. All these materials combine to give it the perfect texture that a knee pad requires.
  • The VS-1 padding system provides comfort and protection in high impact zones. This simply means that it reduces the effect of impacts directed towards the knee region.
  • It also provides support and balance for the patella, lateral, and medial regions of the knee.
  • After your mud run, you can choose to wash the knee pads in a washing machine. However, set the machine to ‘gentle’ before washing.

The D.F (DynaMotion) design is used to ensure that the patterns fit you seamlessly in order to achieve unadulterated freedom and movement. Absolute protection is surely guaranteed.

4. WarriorPak OCR Mud Run Knee Pads

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With a distinctive design for OCR events, the WarriorPak is sure to give your knee the maximum protection from OCR related injuries and protection from other unforeseen circumstances.


  • It is made from spandex which ensures that the knee pads can be stretched to cover certain areas on the leg for more protection and comfort.
  • This knee pad has been specifically designed for OCR racing, which means that every mayhem that might occur during the race has been anticipated and incorporated in the design.
  • It comes with buffer pads that help to protect the knee and reduce the impact it may feel in the event of such a happening.
  • The Warriorpak knee pad is extremely lightweight, which should enable you to run freely and comfortably during the course of the race.
  • With a size range of small, medium, and large to pick from, It is designed to fit you perfectly without you experiencing any pendulous movement in the process.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine to make it clean for the next use.

The WarriorPak does not absorb water, so you can be sure of a dry experience around the region it covers. An OCR knee pad for an OCR race sounds right to me, or what do you think?

5. Mava Sports Knee Compression Pads

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The Mava sports knee compression pads come with a whole of glamour due to their numerous benefit on the knee.


  • It is made up of nylon, spandex, and latex as well as silicon beads.
  • It is specially designed to aid muscle recovery around the knee section and the calf.
  • It aids muscle endurance due to its compressive technology
  • Aside from the elastic nature of the knee pad, a strap is also included to give you further assurance of the knee pad not slipping off your knee. It is also embedded with anti-slip silicon and elastic material to ensure that it stays intact on your knee.
  • Apart from mud racing, it can also be used for yoga, hiking, and any other purpose you deem fit.
  • It should be washed in a machine after use in the mud to guarantee that every form of mud is eradicated.

The Mava compression knee pad can also serve as pain relief from tendinitis, stress and sprains, post-surgery, etc. It has an all-round purpose that you are certain to enjoy even after your mud run.

6. Shock Doctor Knee Compressive Sleeve

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The shock doctor compressive sleeve is made from a neoprene material to provide you with the required comfort and protection for your knee. The stretchy nature of this product makes it possible to cover a large range of the leg area whilst offering the same protection all round.


  • It is made from neoprene material that helps to repel water, oil, and sweat.
  • The pads are laid with integrated gel instead of the normal foam. This helps to ease pain and also provide the needed compression your muscles need.
  • It helps to facilitate recovery as well as boost muscle growth, and it comes in various sizes ranging from small to extra large.
  • The compression technique used on the knee pad makes the muscles warm, which in turn helps to make you last longer on your mud run, keeping you active and happy at the same time.
  • A simple machine wash should get your knee sleeve ready to go!

The shock doctor’s compressive knee sleeve can be used for other sporting events and other functions. All-round protection for your knee all day long!

Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs – Buyer’s Guide

If you intend on getting a knee pad for a mud run, then I suggest you watch out for these factors so as to get the best out of your purchase.

1. Suitability

As stated earlier, mud runs will definitely require you to crawl on your knees or your belly depending on the obstacle in question, so it is important that your knee pads are suitable enough to get your knees through. The thickness of knee pads varies, that’s why it’s important you get a knee pad that can withstand the gruelling nature of the race and still yet protect your knee in the process.

2. Size And Fit

Getting a knee pad that isn’t your size is equivalent to not wearing a knee pad at all. A knee pad that is oversized will simply dangle around your knee or could slide off at intervals which could leave your knees prone to injury, while a knee pad that’s too tight will reduce the circulation of blood in the knee area. So it’s important that you get the perfect fit and size for the race. Do well to read to the end of this article where I have outlined how you can measure your knee size so as to know that which will fit you.

3. Style

Knee pads come in different styles and looks. Some are short and may only cover the knee region, while others slightly extend to give protection to the chin area. Considering the fact that it’s a mud run, I suggest you go for the slightly lengthy knee pads to have more areas of your legs protected, and even if you want to go for the short ones, they should have the ability to stretch.

4. Lightweight

Having the right size and fit is important but you should also consider how lightweight they are, and how comfortable you will feel in them. Light knee pads will ensure that your legs are flexible enough to make any sort of jump or leap during the course of the race. (Read Also: How To Build A Mud Run Course In 2021)

Easy Maintenance

You should also go for a knee pad was that can be washed easily, and since you would be using it for a mud race, then it should be a knee pad you can wash immediately after the race with a washing machine. (Read Also: Best Washing Machine For Muddy Clothes In 2021)

If you don’t want to be entirely overwhelmed in making a choice, I have reviewed some knee pads that am sure you will be glad to pick from.

Benefits/Importance Of Knee Pads

Knee pads are highly effective not just for sportsmen, but for everyone who happen to use their legs more often. It performs a similar function to the helmet, in the sense that it protects the knee cap and also gives it a safe landing when the knee forcibly hits the floor.

Following recent statistics, 60 per cent of knee injuries are caused by the wear and tear of the knee which can effectively be prevented by putting on knee pads. Here are some other benefits of knee pads that should interest you:

1. Saves You Money

Prevention will always be less expensive than cure. Using knee pads when you should go a long way to ensure that you are protected from injuries that would have caused you a lot to fix. Imagine spending $2000 on an injury that could have been prevented with $20, if there was a better description of the idiom “Pennywise pound foolish” then this is it.

2. Protects Your Knee

I was supposed, to begin with, this, but nevertheless, here it is. The patella protects the knee joints, but this doesn’t make it immune to fractures. Wearing a good knee pad will help prevent a patella fracture, but not only that, but it will also help to reduce the impact your knees would have felt if you fell hard on a surface.

It also prevents scratches and bruises as you crawl your way up to glory in a mud run. For every athlete who wants to last a long time in their game, they must ensure that their knees are protected when it should be protected. It shouldn’t be negotiable particularly if they intend to have a long and lasting carrier.

3. It Gives You The Needed Confidence

The confidence that comes from knowing your car is insured after an accident is the same as knowing that you are fully protected from injuries in a sporting event such as mud racing. It gives you the mental edge to breeze through obstacles without having to be too careful about your approach.

4. Helps The Healing Process

If you recently had a knee injury, then you should know that it can be really painful. However, the healing process can be aided by wearing knee pads. Not only will knee pads protect the knee from accidental fall, but they will also help the knee to align properly as they should, without having to cause you any pain whatsoever.

The importance of knee pads in a mud race cannot be overstretched, don’t do the mistake of engaging in a mud run without one.

Now that you have an idea of the knee pad to own and some of its benefits, I will be answering some questions you might have as pertaining knee pads and mud run

Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs – FAQ

Do Knee Pads Work For A Mud Run?

Absolutely! You can be almost certain to have sour knees and bruises if you don’t protect your knees from the earth you are bound to crawl on. Mud runs require putting your entire body to the limit they can go, and it is paramount that your body is protected from avoidable injuries. (Read Also: Can You Go To A Mud Run Unprepared In 2021?)

Asides from crawling on your knees, you will also be required to lift some heavy objects which could put some unnecessary strain on your knees. But, with knee pads on, such strains and stress are easily managed and endured.

When Should You Wear Knee Pads For Mud Runs?

For starters, it is important to test run your kits to know if you feel comfortable in them before the actual race, and your knee pads are no different. So for perfect timing on when to wear your knee pads, you should wear them before the race begins so as to get your knees accustomed to them. An hour or two before the race should suffice.

Where Do You Wear Knee Pads?

As the name suggests, knee pads are worn in the knee region. Based on the design and style, knee pads can stretch to cover a large part of the calf whilst still doing the job of protecting your knee and making the muscles around it comfortable.

Some knee pads have also been designed to be worn on other parts of the body such as the shin and the elbow while some are sorely designed for knee protection. Knee pads should be worn on the knee except the manufacturer says otherwise.

How Tight Should Your Knee Pads Be?

There is a general notion that says knee pads are supposed to be tight in order to have the required effect on the knee especially during squatting movements, but it should interest you to know that they should not feel too tight so as not to cut off the blood supply to your knee, or make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

So How Can I Know My Knee Pad Size?

This is quite simple! To start with, you should use a tape to measure the circumference of your knee, ensure your knees are slightly bent upward before you take the measurement. Once you are done, compare your recorded circumference with the circumference size chart below.

Size   Knee Circumference (cm/Inc)
XS30-33 cm1.8 -13.0 inches
S33-37 cm 13.0 -14.5 inches
M37-41 cm14.5 -16.0 inches
L41-44 cm16.0 -17.3 inches
XL44-47 cm17.3 -18.5 inches
 Paraventure your knee size falls in between any of these categories, then I recommend that you go for the smaller size between the two. This is due to the fact that knee pads tend to slightly open up after a few wears.

How To Wash And Care For Your Knee Pad After A Mud Run

For your knee pad to continue to serve its purpose effectively, it is important that you care for them and clean them properly. When your protection gears are always clean and ready for the next use, it mentally puts you ahead to get ready for the next adventure or sporting event. Here are some tips that should help you care for your knee pad after a mud run.

1. Remove Your Knee Pads From Your Knee And Add Them To Your Dirty Bag Item

Do not be lazy about this, don’t even consider wearing it all the way home as it may mess your car with mud in the process. In other to save yourself the stress of having to clean your car, toss the knee pads into the dirty bag and head home.

2. Allow Drying

Get a dry spot and dry your knee pads as soon as you get home. Bacteria will always thrive in damp places which will in turn cause smell to emanate from the item if they are not air dried properly after usage.

  • Once they are dried, toss them into the washing machine and wash it with other items that might need washing. Except stated otherwise, most knee pads have no problem going into the machine, so your mind should be at rest knowing that the material composition of your knee pad will still remain intact.
  • After the above step is completed, ensure you sun-dry or air dry, but please be warned not to put it into a dryer. This could damage the rubber content of your knee pad, as well as the latex content. Unless they are completely dry, do not place them in an enclosed area.

Remember, knee pads have lots of layers and as a result might take time to dry, so it is important that you are patient and not rush the process.

Best Knee Pads To Use For Mud Runs – Conclusion

Knee pads are essential for every sporting event that has to with running or jumping, and for mud runs, this by means any different. Getting the right knee pad will ensure that your knees are well protected in other to serve you on other purposes other than mud racing, and the best way to preserve your knees for other important events is to protect them in the first place.