Best Gloves For Mud Run & Other OCRs In 2022

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In A Hurry? Here Are My Top 4 Picks Of The Best Gloves For Mud Runs & Other OCRs In The Market In 2021

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How important is the hand? Well, it’s simple to find out. For starters, try eating with any other body part aside from your fingers and let me know how it goes in the comment section, or you could actually type something in the comment section (aside from the voice note option of course!) without your hands and let’s see how it goes. You probably couldn’t think of many other ways right? Me either.

The technological strides we enjoy today can only be truly enjoyed with the use of our hands. The hands give you the feel of what an object looks like, hereby passing vital information to your brain to help you express what to make of it. It also helps us perform our daily task with relative ease, but the baffling aspect despite all its multitudinous functions is the fact that it is probably one of the least protected part of the body, a fact that the national electronic surveillance system in the USA backs due to the high number of hand and finger injury related cases in emergency wards.

In contact sports such as football, basketball, and soccer, little protection is actually given to the hand due to the fact that they could impede an athlete’s performance in several ways, but this reason should be completely ignored when it comes to mud racing. If anything else, putting on gloves to protect your hands in a mud run will allow you the freedom and protection you need to engage obstacles head-on.

Hand gloves are an essential part of the safety precautions to note before embarking on a mud run due to the activities you are required to carry out with your hands. Truth be told, you stand a very good chance of blistering your palms when they are not covered properly, especially when it comes to engaging obstacles that involve climbing and lifting heavy objects.

Best Gloves For Mud Run – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a glove for mud runs, ensure that they meet all of the below criteria. Continue reading to learn more about some factors you should  consider when using/purchasing a hand glove

1. It Should Have A Firm Grip

This is probably the first thing to consider when buying a glove. A hand glove that is not grip-efficient should not be used for mud racing considering the amount of grappling that is usually involved. Given the fact that your hands will be wet all through the course of the race, your gloves should still be able to provide you with a firm grip when you are climbing over a spartan wall or manoeuvring your way around a rope obstacle.

2. It Should Fit Your Hand Perfectly

Don’t bother putting on a glove that doesn’t sit perfectly on your hand, because it’s really of no use. Not only would an oversized glove defeat the purpose of wearing it, but it would also cause you a whole load of inconvenience during the race. Wearing an under-sized glove is equally worse as it could limit the blood circulation flow to your fingers which could cause lingering pain in the long run. If you must wear a glove, then it should fit you properly.

3. It Should Be Flexible

Taking cognizance of the activities involved in a mud run, your fingers should be able to move freely without any form of discomfort in a hand glove. The hand gloves intended for a mud run should be extremely flexible while in use. When a glove is not flexible enough, the gripping properties of such a glove could be affected to a large extent.

4. Protection And Comfort

Your hands can be considered safe in gloves during the course of a mud run but that shouldn’t be enough, your hands have to be comfortable as well. When I say comfortable, I mean the gloves should have a lightweight. When a glove is heavy, it could leave you with a real encumbrance on your wrist especially when it becomes wet. The lighter your gloves, the better for you.

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5. It Should Be Durable

The durability of your hand gloves should not be taken lightly at all considering the tough nature of mud races. If there is a slight chance that it could tear, or has a hole, then I strongly suggest you replace it with a new one.

You should also note that hand gloves that are made with the water wicking technology are an added bonus. This will ensure that your hands are dry during the course of the race, and in the process, increase your grip in general.

Below are 6 hand gloves recommended by mud runners you can use to ensure that your OCR or mud run event leaves you with no permanent scars.

Best Gloves For Mud Run – Reviews

1. Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Gloves

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The Fit Four OCR gloves come with wrist support that allows you to put on your smartwatch without any sort of inconvenience. It is specially designed for OCR related activities and has a huge recommendation amongst mud runners.


Material Quality

It is made up of leather, synthetic, and silicone. These materials are essential in making a glove meet all the required standards.


Irrespective of the weather condition, you are sure to get the best value in terms of grip. The silicone extra grips give it the edge regardless of weather conditions.

Dries Fast

As you approach drier areas during the course of the race, it has the moisture-wicking technology that helps to make it dry quicker.

Fit And Size

It is made with the latest compression technology to fit your hand perfectly and smartly. There are also varying sizes you can pick from, do check the later part of this article to know how to determine your glove size.


It is very flexible and expandable, especially around the wrist region. They are immensely comfortable and would make your mud run a memorable one.

2. Neo Sport Gloves

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Designed with the OCR in mind, the Neo sport gloves gives maximum protection from the extreme nature of mud racing. Its benefits to your hands are indeed enormous. Here are some things about the Neo sport gloves you should know.


Material Quality

It is made up of synthetic, and leather. The vented design on it makes for quick-drying, especially on wet conditions.


Your hands are well protected whilst providing you with the perfect grip be it wet or dry conditions, thanks to the synthetic leather palm.

Fit And Size

It is designed to have an anatomical fit that helps prevent the hand from fatigue. It also has wrist straps that are adjustable to ensure a sure fit to the hand.


The gloves are extremely flexible and lightweight especially when you consider the strap that ensures it has a firm grip on the hand.

The NeoSport glove is extremely durable and can be used in various sports as well, such as snorkelling, wakeboarding, weight lifting, and cycling. It will definitely give value where needed.

3. Mad Grip Knuckle Gloves

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If there is ever a thing called “living up to your name”, then this is it. The Mad Grip is known for its gripping ability while at the same time giving your hands a very comfortable feel.


Material Quality

It is made up of 50% cotton, 42% Nylon, and 8% spandex, giving it a combination that sets it apart for its durability.


The name says it all! The grip is also aided with palm cushioning to help prevent blisters and wrist fatigue.

Dries Fast

It is designed with the dry grip technology that ensures your hands are always dry regardless of how much work you put in.


It is extremely lightweight and flexible, giving your wrist and fingers the perfect environment to express themselves the way you deem fit.

Bearing in mind that you are bound to face obstacles during your mud run which would require you to grip or pull, the Mad Grip gloves will provide excellent succour to your chances of emerging victorious. Be it wet or dry, you are certain to have a crazy grip experience!

4. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves

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Now, while the M-Pact might pass for a workshop glove, this Mechanix model has been proven to survive the rigours of mud racing by previous participants. It is designed with a hook and loop cuff that gives it a firm fit on your hands. Here is more for you to know about this glove.


Material Quality

It is made up of Thermoplastic rubber and synthetic rubber.


The synthetic leather palm ensures that you get maximum grip balance on the ropes and any other item that requires such. The thermoplastic rubber (TPR), also ensure that knuckle and fingers are guarded against impact and pinching injuries.

Dries Fast

The TrekDry technology guarantee that your hands are dried whilst your hands are in them.


It has a 0.8mm synthetic leather that makes it extremely flexible and lightweight. Your hands will definitely fill comfortable in these gloves.

As a result of the stretch elastic closure design, the gloves can be easily removed without any squabble. The Mechanix gloves are one you can bank on any day, anytime.

5. The Mud Glove

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Designed for the mud, these bad boys are sure to give your hands the needed protection and flexibility required.


Material Quality

It is made up of cotton and latex


It is designed with a grip system that spans over the knuckle region. This ensures that the whole finger grips the item uniformly, without it slipping from your grasp. Be it wet or dry weather conditions, the Mud gloves will maintain its grip without any frailty.

Dries Fast

The natural cotton liner embedded in this glove is to ensure that air passes through to make your hand dry while in it.

Size And Fit

It comes in various sizes, the elastic nature of the wrist will make it fit on your hand easily.


It is extremely flexible and lightweight on the hand. The simple nature of this masterpiece makes it truly remarkable. Although the looks might look simple, it has been proven to survive tough mud runs than the simplicity might suggest. Looks can indeed be misleading!

6. Fit Four OCR Neo Grip Gloves

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Made for tough events, the Fit Four OCR gloves are ideal to meet all your spartan needs as regards hand protection and grip.


Material Quality

It is made with 10% silicone and 90% Neoprene. This helps you through the course of the race be it wet or dry, you have nothing to worry about.


The Neoprene present in the glove helps keep your hand warm while the anti-slip grip technology does its job of ensuring that your grip is as firm as you want it.


They are extremely flexible and can be easily removed or worn. It is also very lightweight and does not feel heavy when wet. It has a double stitching advantage which helps to increase its durability as you buzz your way through every obstacle that stands on your path. For every tough obstacle, you need a tough glove, and the Fit Four gloves got you covered.

All the gloves reviewed above can be washed in a machine, except instructed otherwise by the manufacturer. Check out the Best Washing Machine For Washing Muddy Clothes

How To Know Your Glove Size

As stated earlier, getting the right glove size is essential in getting the full protection and luxury a glove has to offer, and if you aren’t sure of the size of your hand, follow these simple steps to determine what size would fit your hands perfectly.

Step 1

Place measuring tape around your hand, not around the fingers, but the space between the thumb and the fingers.

Step 2

Note down the measurement.

Step 3

Use the tape and take a measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand (somewhere around the wrist region), and note down the measurement as well.

Step 4

The largest recorded measurement between the two measurements recorded is your glove size. That is if the value recorded with the tape around your hand is 5 inches, and the value recorded with the tape touching the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand is 4 inches, then your glove size is 5 inches. Do ensure to take measurements from your left hand if you are LEFT handed and vice-versa.

Below is a table to determine the size of your glove based on the measurements attained.

For Unisex Gloves

Circumference/distance of the hand in inches 6.5 7 7.5 8.5 9 9.5 10 11

For Women’s Gloves

Circumference/distance of the hand in inches 6 6.5 7 7.5 8

For Men’s Glove

Circumference/distance of the hand in inches 7 7.5 – 8 8.5 – 9 9.5 – 10 10.5 – 11 11.5 – 12

Sizes For Young Teenagers/Juniors glove

Circumference/distance of the hand in inches 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5

As long as you have the right measurement, then there is definitely a glove size for you.

Best Gloves For Mud Run – FAQ

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Wearing Hand Gloves In A Mud Run?

Hand gloves are not just important in mud racing, but vital if you are to get the true feel of what it means to go through an obstacle without having to fear for the safety of your palm.

Here are some reasons why you should put on a glove before testing your limits in a mud race.

  • It helps to protect your hands from niggling cuts and bruises
  • It provides your palm with the much-needed flexibility and grip to pass through obstacles seamlessly.
  • In cold weather, participating in any race events, let alone one that involves you getting wet can be really disheartening. Hand gloves provide your hand with the needed warmth to keep you sharp and focus before your body eventually warms up to the heat generated from your muscles.
  • For anyone suffering from Arthritis, Hand gloves will serve as a tremendous relief in the course of the race. They ensure that your hands are comfortable for the race duration.
  • Putting on hand gloves will provide your hands with the necessary comfort they require in other for you to get the best out of the race.

You can be sure to have a swell experience whilst running in your hand gloves, but here are the things to consider before using/purchasing a hand glove for the race.

Do You Need A Glove For A Tough Mudder?

The Tough Mudder website strongly recommends that participants bring a pair of gloves to the event in other to protect their hands, and also improve their grip on certain obstacles that require such, such as monkey bars.

The gloves also help to protect the hands from the cold weather by keeping them warm. Although you should note that participants are under no obligation to bring gloves to the event, it’s just the organizer’s way of letting you know their thoughts on the matter, and probably shield themselves in case of a lawsuit.

Are There Downsides To Wearing Gloves During Obstacle Races?

Apparently, every pro has a con, so it would be normal for the use of gloves in an OCR to have its downside. I did tell you the benefits of wearing gloves for such events at the earlier stage of this article, so let’s take a look at the cons, shall we?

Cons To Wearing Gloves During Obstacle Races?

1. The Tendency To Get Heavy

This depends on the type of glove, to begin with. A glove that absorbs water after a while can be a burden for your hand to carry all through the race. Not only that, but the mud that tends to get stuck on them can also make it really tough to endure. That’s why it’s important that your glove poses a bit of resistance to getting wet and soggy.

2. It’s Likely To Lose Grip Function When Wet

This has been the complaint of some mudders who had a pair of gloves on for a race. Most gloves tend to lose their ability to grip when wet, or worst still when covered in mud. This usually occurs when you have to do a belly crawl, or you find yourself tripping down in a pool of mud. In such cases, getting the best grip required to go through obstacles such as monkey bars and rope climbs becomes a herculean task, and could in effect, defeat the purpose of putting on a glove in the first place.

3. It Could Give Misleading Signals About Obstacles

This is bound to occur especially if you’re not used to wearing gloves. You are likely to get the wrong information about how firm your grip is when engaging some obstacles, and it usually takes time to get the brain aligned to the correct situation.

Mudders have also recounted situations where they actually thought they were losing their grip, only to discover that it was their hands slipping off the gloves. That’s why it’s very important to get the right size of gloves for your hands to avoid such scenarios.

If you can find your way around the disadvantages listed above, then you will do just fine, and the easiest way of getting around the cons is by getting the right gloves that are uniquely designed for OCR.

Which Obstacles In OCR Are Gloves Suitable For?

If you are to engage any obstacle that involves climbing or carrying, that it’s certain that you would be needing a pair of gloves.

Obstacles like tire drag, tractor pull, monkey bars, rope climb, atlas carry, and the Tyrolean Traverse would require the use of gloves. Also, climbing spartan walls especially when wet would require you to use gloves in other to aid your grip on it.

How To Wash Your Gloves After A Mud Run

Your gloves are still very useful after a mud run, so it’s important that you clean them properly after the event. All you need to do is to put them in a plastic bag after the race, take them home and wash them with a washing machine. (Read Also: How To Clean Clothes After A Mud Run With Steps)

You could also choose to allow them to dry a little before tossing them into the machine, this is usually done to ensure that some of the mud can be smacked out by hitting the gloves together, after this is done, go ahead and wash them.

Do not dry with direct heat from an artificial source except with the rays of the sun. This is usually to avoid the gloves from distorting in appearance, which is usually caused by direct heat exposure.

Most gloves can be washed in a machine, except stated otherwise by the manufacturers. So do ensure to check the labels for proper instruction.

Best Gloves For Mud Run – Conclusion

The only part of your body that has direct contact with your mouth is your hands, so it’s important that you take care of them, and also ensure that they are duly protected before undertaking any daunting task such as mud runs. A hand worth protecting is a hand worth having. Cheers!