Salomon Speedcross 3 Review – Reasons To Buy/Not To

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Over the years since it’s inception, Salomon shoes have raised every existing bar whilst setting their own standard in the process. A popular brand among athletes, the Salomon franchise cut across a large section of individuals who have made resolute decisions to take their performance to the next level.

Salomon brands spread across different series such as the sonic, sense ride, and the lab ultra series, but the popular amongst them all is the Speedcross series.

Made for hiking, running, spontaneous activities, and the likes, the Speedcross Series has not only been a companion to many professional athletes, but also a revelation to those who have tried it out for the first time.

But why is the Salomon speed cross series highly recommended amongst athletes? Why do they strike a common chord amongst people who have lots of experience with other brands, but yet stick to their guts as regards Salomon?

It’s really simple and straight forward. The SpeedCross series are probably the toughest built trail shoes available. They are specially made for muddy trails, mountain climbs, and hiking. Nowadays, it is almost a normal phenomenon to see the Salomon Speedcross being used by most athletes at major running, and OCR events.

This is because athletes feel at ease and safe when wearing a Salomon pair of shoes. At least, you and I can agree that we tend to perform better in a racing event when we feel both safe and comfortable.

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What’s The Difference Between Salomon Speed Cross 3 And 4?

To have a detailed analytic review, I will first delve into their individual characteristics before pointing out what makes them uniquely different. Let’s start with the Salomon Speedcross 3, shall we?

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Salomon Speedcross 3 Review

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The Salomon Speedcross 3 is a trail shoe that is made mainly for outdoor events, regardless of the extreme conditions, you can be sure to enjoy the latest grip technology it has to offer. Here are some of its properties


Audacious Speed!

Most trail shoes are not known to possess speed, but that’s with the exception of Salomon Speedcross 3. It is super light for its size and will increase your speed notwithstanding the nature of the ground.

A Unique Upper Design Model

The upper part of this masterpiece has been carefully designed to meet the need of all outdoor conditions and adversities, and here are some reasons why.

  • Anti-Debris Mesh: This prevents the debris and other forms of sandstones from entering the shoe.
  • Water-Resistant Textile: This ensures that your shoes are not soaked immediately on impact with the water.
  • Lace Pocket: It is equipped with a lace pocket that holds the dangling part of your lace, hereby preventing you from tripping while running.

Conta Grip Technology

This optimizes the shoe based on the geometry, density, and compound of the surface condition, regardless of the sport.

Sensi Fit Technology

This ensures that the foot is perfectly fitted in the shoe by supporting it from the midsole region to the lace eyelets.

The Quick Lace System

The uniformity with which the lace tightens is adorable. As soon as you pull them, the lace runs through a friction-free eyelet that sees to it that your legs are fitted in properly. Once you have achieved your desired tightness, the stopper is used to lock it in place, and it does an exquisite job in that regard.

Now, let’s take a look at the Salomon Speedcross 4 and see its upgrade from the Speedcross 3 versions.

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Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

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New features were added to spice up the Salomon Speedcross 4, and some of them include the following.

EVA Technology

The ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam technology (EVA) provides the midsole with adequate strength in taking you through tough terrains and surfaces.

Contragrip Technology

Although this feature is present in the Salomon Speedcross 3 edition, it has been enhanced in this later edition to provide a precise foothold, as well as a close-to-foot comfortable feel. It also enhances cushioning and stability properties.

Exquisite Design

It has a very rugged yet dominating appearance that gets you in the mood to face the task at hand. A feature that is slightly lacking in the Salomon Speedcross 3 edition.

Aside from these features listed above, both editions (Salomon Speedcross 3 & 4) seem to possess the same trait, although there is a slight difference in weight. The Speedcross 3 weighs 310 grams, while the Speedcross 4 weighs 300 grams. The pricing also seems to be higher for Speedcross 4, although this is to be expected.

Reasons Why Athletes Prefers Salomon Pair Of Shoes

1. Excellent Traction

Imagine the feeling of running in an event and never having to worry about slipping. As for me, it does feel heavenly I must confess. The soles of the Salomon Speedcross have been carefully designed to navigate through whatever surface they encounter.

Except you barge into an obstacle or something that causes you to trip, you can be sure that the Speedcross series will hold its own even in extreme slippery circumstances. The outsoles are very militant in nature, and also have a widespread arrow-shaped 6mm lugs that help you to maintain your balance in very extreme slippery conditions.

2. Cushioning And Stability

Owners of Salomon Speedcross series have commended the lightweight nature of the shoes, especially when you look at how bulky they might appear to look on the eye. Weighing slightly under 11 ounces, the Speedcross maintains a light feel, especially when you are one to run long distances.

It also maintains an excellent damping quality which allows your legs so much comfort while running. The flexibly built structure and the soft lugs allow your leg absolute guidance on how to fit it properly in the shoes.

And very significantly, the 11mm heel-to-toe drop allows the shoe to have a traditional feel that worked great for most runners.

3. Excellent Laces And Grip System

Salomon Speedcross has also been applauded for its quick lacing system which can be tightened or loosened using an adjustable cinch, and the other loosed end of the lace can be attached to a small pouch on the shoe’s tongue. This new innovation prevents the shoelaces from getting stuck on earthy materials while running, and it also ensures that your legs are properly fitted in.

The grip mechanism is also renowned, thanks to the contagrip technology the company prides itself on. They are created with compounds that make up a wonderful outsole that can stand any weather condition regardless of the terrain.

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The Cons Of Salomon Speedcross Series

One of the snags some runners claim is that it doesn’t really ventilate as they would have wanted it to, and they also complained that it doesn’t drain quickly, which means that you are likely to get a good feel of it on areas with higher elevation such as mountains and rocky terrains.

There is also the talk of the tall lugs being unsteady on short stretches of pavement, but only a few users have had this complaint.

Some users also complain that the Salomon Speedcross do not come in wide sizes, that’s is to say that people with broad feet might find it challenging to wear. But on a whole, the Salomon Speedcross has received over a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Is Salomon Speedcross 4 Good For Hiking?

Absolutely! Some users even argue that it was built for such a purpose. The laces are made of Kevlar which are known for its strength and durability.

There are only a few shoes out there that can match the tenacity of the Speedcross 4. Its soles can withstand the hardest of surfaces whilst giving you the required balance. For safety and comfort combined, mountain hikers have recommended Salomon Speedcross 4, and it’s easy to see why.

Are There Speedcross Editions Specially Designed For Women?

Yes, there are! The Salomon Speedcross 3 has a unique women’s edition that will benefit every woman who intends to run in comfort and safety. Let’s take a look!


  • The upper textile is made up of synthetic/fabric. This ensures enough ventilation to your feet as you wear them.
  • They are extremely lightweight and can be used for any outdoor event in particular.
  • It has the easy lock system that allows you to strap your shoe very easily whilst giving you the perfect fit and grip you desire.
  • It is made with the latest contra grip technology to make your feet extremely comfortable and safe all through the race.
  • It also comes in a pink design to give it the feminine touch you desire.

In all ramifications, the male edition of Salomon Speedcross 3 is only different from the female edition in terms of its design anatomy and geometry. Any other aspect apart from these is completely the same, especially in terms of quality.

How Can I Tell If A Salomon Is fake?

For every original, there is a fake. As sad as this sounds, it is the norm these days especially when a product is known for its quality and popularity.

Nevertheless, here are the following ways you can easily identify a fake Salomon from an original.

  • The shoelace of a fake would be extremely long, and from the feel of it, you could easily tell they are made of cotton. A real Salomon shoelace is made from Gortex Fibre.
  • The glue marks on the outer sole can be clearly visible, a manufacturing error the Salomon manufacturers can never make.
  • For the Salomon Speedcross 3, the LT logo located at the hind part of the sole is usually on the left part of the space, and not the right. Also, the LT sign and the background are usually fused in one rubber, and not gummed separately as can be seen on a fake Salomon pair.
  • The insoles of a real Salomon pair have the word “Salomon” branded underneath them, while the insoles of the fake do not.

These are the few I have been able to spot out thus far, but in other to avoid the stress that comes with not being sure, you can make your purchase using the links from Amazon. You are guaranteed the very best quality from Amazon, as long as you are referred approximately.

Do Salomon Shoes Have Good Arch Support?

Runners who have adorned any of the Salomon editions have a common voice when it comes to commending the arch support of this particular brand, which is usually filled with praise and satisfaction.

In case you are coming across this term for the first time, let me let you in on what arch support is all about.

What Are Arch Supports?

Arch supports are simply inserts or insoles that are placed in a shoe to help in providing support to the arch-like structure on your foot. This goes a long way in ensuring that your foot does not experience any form of pain in the course of the race.

Importance Of Arch Supports

  • Arch supports provide balance and stability all through the body. They also help to improve the overall posture of the runner which goes a long way of lessening the foot pain.
  • Arch supports prevent the arches on your foot from harm. They ensure that the arch on the foot is well guarded against injuries such as plantar fasciitis.
  • They also help in evenly distributing the pressure across your feet, whilst aligning your body in the process.

Based on previous user’s experience, the arch support for Salomon shoes are exceptional, and they also have a proven track record of being extremely comfortable. You have nothing to worry about.

Can I Wash My Salomon Shoes?

Salomon shoes can be washed by using a soft, wet brush, and clean water according to the shoe’s official website You are also advised not to use a washing machine as this could damage the general composition of the shoe.

How Can I Wash And Maintain My Salomon Running Shoe?

As stated earlier, to wash your Salomon running shoes, simply use a soft brush, water, and dry cloth. However, if you choose to use them in a mud run which would be a wise choice due to their perfect traction properties, you should add a little quantity of dishwashing liquid so as to properly get rid of the mud.

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To continue enjoying your Salomon shoe for a longer period of time, do well to follow these safety guidelines.

Maintainance For Leather Materials

To avert the natural ageing process of your Salomon leather which would include cracking, stiffness, and the reduction in its waterproofing abilities, do well to treat them with a cream or water-based waxed treatment. While this might alter the outward appearance, you can also be sure that it won’t affect the performance or the properties of the leather material.

Maintenance For The Reinforcement Materials

Some Salomon shoes are built with reinforced materials, especially in high abrasion areas. It is very likely that the appearance might change, however, be rest assured that it won’t affect the strength of the material in any way.

Maintenance For The Lining Material

Whilst you are advised to periodically wash the lining in your shoes to prevent odour, you are also to prioritize wearing socks in other to prevent them. These Anti Blister Socks have been recommended by runners to do the trick.

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You should consider washing your socks after every race to keep it fresh, or better still, own more than one pair.

Maintainance For Your Shoe Laces

The shoelaces are not built to last for eternity, so you shouldn’t hesitate to change them when necessary.

Maintenance For Your Soles

The midsoles are to be kept clean at all times in other to avoid bacteria from building up. This is usually the primary reason for premature ageing insoles.

Salomon Speedcross 3 Review – Conclusion

Salomon shoes are great in all ramifications. The manufacturers know what they are doing when it comes to providing the right running gear for athletes and professionals, and everyone who has used a pair of Salomon know what they were doing when they decided to go for these amongst other brands. As for me, Salomon shoes and I, are a perfect match. Use them to find out why. Cheers.