Best Camera For Mud Run, Tough Mudder & Spartan Race In 2022

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History would not be exciting if it weren’t reported in pictures. The reason we can look back on beautiful moments in our lives and have a cause to smile is due to the wonderful imagery our mind presents us with. Thanks to the advancement of technology, relieving such moments has become easier and a tad accurate.

Just like the saying goes “A picture speaks a thousand words“. Many of us can recount the happenings of a special event by looking at pictures taken during such events, and the phones of today, coupled with the cloud storage technology make such experience even easier to fall back on.

However, for mud racing, taking pictures to relive such moments should not be done with a smartphone or any normal camera. As a matter of fact, having a phone on you should not even be an option to consider due to the challenging nature of mud racing.

Many participants who wish to capture the special moments of their mud run experience have always wondered how to go about it. Well, the good news is that you can, but it all depends on the kind of camera you intend to use.

There are cameras that have been designed for such tough situations, and would usually take something tougher than a tough Mudder in other to undo them. But before we go any further, let us discuss the features to look out for in any camera you might have in mind.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Camera For Mud Run, Tough Mudder & Spartan Race In 2021

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Go Pro Hero 4 BlackIt comes with waterproof plastic case, has very fast processor & Ultra-high resolution of 4K30 with quick capture mode.Check Price
DJI Osmo 4k Action Cam - Dual DisplayIt's waterproof for depth up to 11 meters, has HDR with a 40k/60fps & a slow-motion feature of high clarity of about 1080p and at 240fps.Check Price
GoPro Hero5 BlackIt's waterproof to about 33ft without any casing, comes with quick stories with a 4k videos, has voice command & automatically uploads pics to your cloud directory.Check Price
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Best Camera For Mud Run – Things To Look Out For In A Camera (Mud Race Intended)

1. Water-resistant

Is the camera you intend to use water-resistant? If it isn’t, then you are better off with one that is. You can be very sure that your camera will get dipped in mud, or probably fall from you during the course of the race, but as long as being wet doesn’t pose any form of hazard or mishap then you are fine.

2. Tough As A Rock

If your heart skips a beat anytime your camera drops on the floor, then I suggest you don’t take it into the mud with you. Mud races are usually a very gruelling environment for gadgets to thrive in, so ensure that you get a camera that fits into this profile.

3. Clear Picture And Audio Quality

If you want to have a recap of your mud event, then it should be one that gives you the exact feel and picture of the event, not anything less. It should be able to take pictures of objects or people in motion without any form of distortion. The minimum pixel for a camera should be at least 8 megapixels for a 4k video.

4. Battery Life

This cannot be overemphasized. Imagine your camera dying on you just when you are about to capture the most important part of the race. Sounds frustrating right? Yeah, so you would have to avoid cameras with poor battery life if you intend to capture the full length of your race.

5. Previous Experience From Former Runners

This is important if you are thinking about a camera to purchase for a mud race. A camera should have a high level of assurance from previous mud racers if it is to fall into consideration. It is easier and cost-effective to learn from their mistakes, than creating yours. If your camera checks these factors, then you are good to go.

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Best Camera For Mud Run – Reviews

Okay, here is the deal, I will not just be reviewing any kind of camera for the sake of it, but rather, I will be reviewing cameras that have been worn and tested for all the factors stated above but still came out in one piece and maintained normal functionality.

These cameras have fallen into the water, crashed into walls, dropped several times during the course of the race, crashed into the mud on several occasions, but still maintained its full function without any damage whatsoever. If you should consider having a camera on you during your mud run, then it should be one of these.

1. Go Pro Hero 4 Black

Check Price On Amazon

Every mud racer who has a picture or footage of themselves participating in a mud run most likely took it with a Go Pro Hero black camera, well, that’s how trusted it is. Mud racers have also testified that it comes with a plastic water case that makes it possible to withstand any form of harsh treatment that mud racing presents. They actually have nothing but praise for the GoPro Hero 4, and I am sure you will too. Here are some descriptions of this beast of a camera.

Product Description

  • It comes with a waterproof plastic case that not only protects the GoPro 4 but also makes it possible to get the audio of your sound recording. The plastic covering does not in any way affect the sound delivery of the Camera.
  • The Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth access makes it possible to work directly with your smartphone. To make this happen, you first have to install an app from the GoPro site, link it up to your camera and you are all set. With this process, your phone screen basically serves as the user interface for your camera.
  • Present in the camera is two doors. The first door makes it possible for you to put in a memory card (SD card) which serves as the memory of the camera. Please ensure that you put a very durable memory card that won’t corrupt your data and make the whole process of saving an exhilarating event a vain enterprise. The second door is located at the base of the camera, it creates a space for the camera’s battery.
  • There are three buttons located at the top of the camera. One is for recording, a separate button serves as a mode button that helps you between the video mode, picture mode, and the multi-shot alternative, as well as a settings button.
  • It has a very fast processor that speeds up its performance and enhances the image quality in the process.
  • The resolution is 4 times the resolution of a 1080p. It is the ultra-high resolution of 4K30 that makes it stands out from its peers, and the video quality is definitely of a very high standard compared to the size of this camera.
  • It is also designed to start recording immediately it comes on with the quick capture mode. Now you don’t have to worry about missing an epic moment because you turned off your camera.
  • The night photos and night lapse mode enables a very high quality when taking pictures in the dark. The Auto Low Light mode also ensures that you don’t have to adjust the brightness of your camera before taking a picture, all you need to do is to enable it in the settings, and it does the work of knowing the right amount of light needed for that shot. Your memories are sure to be in safe hands if you leave it to a GoPro Hero 4 to handle.

2. GoPro Hero5 Black

Check Price On Amazon

The GoPro Hero5 Black is a little upgrade to the Hero4 franchise thanks to the fact that it comes with voice control as well as a touch screen display with a very friendly user interface. If you have a GoPro 4 and you intend upgrading it to a Pro5, the following information should guide you on the right part.

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Product Description

  • The GoPro 5 comes with quick stories that send all the footage to your phone where it transforms it into a sort of an edited video on its own. You remember those quick slides you do with your phone? Yeah, that’s the one the GoPro 5 will do on your behalf.
  • The design of the GoPro 5 makes it waterproof to about 33ft without you needing the required casing, but to play it completely safe, since you won’t be submerging yourself into any form of liquid at that depth in a mud race, I strongly suggest you use the protective casing while participating in your mud race.
  • The burst and time elapse mode make it possible to have awesome 4k videos, and a 12MP lens means that you can be sure of the quality and sharp pictures it will take during the race.
  • Unlike the GoPro 4, the GoPro 5 always gives you access to some vital settings right there on the camera with its 2-inch touch display, it also enables you to trim your videos right away without you needing a video editing app.
  • It shares a similar feature with the GoPro 4, which is the ability to start recording as soon as it is switched on. No formal settings are required. Whether you are mounting your gear, or you are simply holding it (your camera should be mounted on your person during the course of the race), you can be sure to have a stress free recording experience.
  • Another exciting feature is the voice command that comes with the GoPro 5. In most cases, during the race, you might not be at liberty to use your hands to change commands or touch the screen with your muddy hands. The voice command feature makes it possible and flexible to make the necessary adjustments without having to soil the screen in the process.
  • And another added advantage is that it automatically uploads the pictures you take to your cloud directory, but be sure your camera is connected to the internet for this to happen. If you think the GoPro 5 is slick and rugged at the same time, then let’s see what you have to say about the GoPro 7

3. GoPro Hero 7

Check Price On Amazon

Although it shares a lot of similarities with GoPro 5, it has some added features which mudders are truly appreciative of. Let’s compare their similarities and see why it comes out ahead as many users think.

Product Description

  • One similarity it shares with the GoPro 5 is the ability to remain water-resistant without its casing, but as I said earlier on, surfing and mud racing are worlds apart, so you are advised to put your camera in the protective casing it comes with.
  • Like GoPro 5, you can capture the moment and share it live with Facebook. Not only that, but you can also save your files in a very high-resolution format without needing to compress it.
  • It comes with a super photo feature that helps with the HDR (high dynamic range). This helps to reduce the noise reduction when you take a photo shot hereby optimizing the shot in the process.
  • Another common feature it shares with the GoPro 5 is the voice feature that allows you the freedom to access important commands with your voice.
  • The ability to predict your movements whilst being very stabilized is really one to watch out for in your in the GoPro 7 version. It gives you a perfect angle without you needing to tilt your camera to achieve such angles.
  • It also comes with the TimeWarp feature that allows you time-lapse your videos, and also increase the speed of your shoot by almost 30x. This helps you to convert long moments that you might normally consider a waste of time, or boring, into shorter, enjoyable moments.
  • The slow-motion feature also enables you to slow things down whilst recording, by up to 8 times using a high frame rate of 1080p240. This helps you capture every detail you might need to see in your recording.
  • The lens size of 12MP is practically the same with the GoPro 5 series hence matching it out in that retrospect. So there you have it! Which GoPro series would you prefer to purchase for a Tough Mudder, because I can assure you that they are all capable of capturing those awesome moments. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at another camera that rivals The GoPro franchise for its doggedness and features.

4. DJI Osmo Action – 4k Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera (Dual Display)

Check Price On Amazon

The DJI Osmo action is indeed a worthy rival when compared to the GoPro franchise. It matches the features a GoPro might have to offer, pound for pound, and may even go one better, but you will be the judge of that. Let’s have a look at its features.

Product Description

  • The HDR (high dynamic range) video feature makes recording experience more dynamic than it would normally have been.
  • With a 40k/60fps, it gives your footage a very sharp focus whilst giving you every detail in just a single picture.
  • It also has the slow-motion feature the GoPro 7 has, but this time it takes it at a very high clarity of 1080p and at 240fps (frames per second). And when you choose to ignore the slow-motion feature, it delivers shake-free footage that is made possible with the combination of EIS and complex rocksteady algorithms. You can be sure to capture all the action on the go.
  • It also has a screen in front which enable you to capture your selfie’s with more accuracy. For the folks who can’t do without a selfie, this one is definitely for you.
  • The Quick Switch button gives you quick access to the settings and modes you are likely to access on the go, you don’t have to navigate around the camera program for simple commands.
  • It is waterproof in wet conditions for depth up to 11 meters. The screen is also hydrophobic coated, so you can have no worries about it getting affected by water.
  • And most importantly, it also has the voice control feature which can be applicable for relevant commands such as capturing photos, recording, and also switching off the camera. You could practically use your camera during the mud course without touching it.
  • It comes with a floating handle, a waterproof case, a flat adhesive mount, a curved adhesive mount, a locking screw, a USB cable, and also a very reliable battery. The DJI Osmo camera is definitely a brand you can trust without any future regret. It also comes in an App that can be used on both android and ios, but the android version must be from 7.0 and above.

All the cameras reviewed in this article will definitely give you a perfect representation of what your mud racing event went like, without having to stress about the safety of your camera. You really have nothing to lose.

How Do I Mount My Camera During A Mud Run?

You should know that your camera has to be attached to a part of your body by a camera mount device, in order to capture the best viewing experience possible. However, it is important to note how to go about this very crucial aspect.

1. Know A Suitable Angle That Will Work For You

Camera mounts are usually worn on the shoulder, chest, wrist, or the head. Knowing the position that suits you is important in purchasing a camera mount, and you can know this by practising the various styles and angles.

Ensure you get a clear view on where your camera would be best suited by doing a test run, least you end up capturing the birds in the sky instead of your mud course.

2. Reserve Your Battery Where Necessary

Having your battery turned on for the full-time duration of the race is not a good idea. Mud races can take hours to complete, and having a live recording for all that time duration will not only drain the battery of your camera but also consume a whole lot of space in your memory.

To avoid this, switch on the camera when approaching an obstacle, then switch it back off when done with it. GoPro cameras have been designed to start recording immediately it comes on, so you should not see this as a problem.

3. Know When To Hold A Camera

I will be letting you in on ways you can ensure you carry your camera back home because not many owners are availed that opportunity, and knowing when to hold your camera is one of them.

When you are sliding into a pool of water or mud, ensure that you hold your camera in your hand regardless of its placement on your body. The force from the pool can easily force it off your body and make you lose it in the process. When sliding into the pool, hold it firmly in your hands, and put it back on when you are done with that obstacle.

4. Have A Dry Tissue For Lens

Trying as much as possible to keep out mud from your camera can be likened to trying to avoid mud whilst participating in a mud racing event. While this might seem impossible, it can be avoided by cleaning the mud on your camera screen at regular intervals. Do this with a clean tissue or towel that can be kept separately, either in a bag that you are running with, or the pockets of your shorts. When the lens of your camera is not properly cleaned, it tends to affect the picture quality.

5. Get Anti-Fog For Your Camera Casing

Your camera casing is sure to experience some form of midst due to the weather for the day, but this can be avoided by using Anti-Fog Lens Wipe to clean your camera casing before inserting your camera.

Ensure that you keep your lens free from any form of obstructions the race might generate. No clear lens, no clear picture.

Where Is The Best Place To Mount My Camera?

As stated in this article, knowing where to mount your camera is significant in knowing the type to purchase. So without wasting your time any further, I will be telling you of the advantages and disadvantages of placing your camera mount in the different positions available.

1. Head Straps

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  • It can be taken on and off easily.
  • It arguably has a better angle in viewing your race than most positions.
  • You are bound to have more steady footage from this position.
  • Unless you are fully submerged in mud or in water, your camera lens is most likely to stay clean for the duration of the race.
  • Your movement will also be less impeded with your camera in this position


  • When crawling under the net obstacle, your camera is more likely to tangle with it. To avoid this, remove the strap and hold it in your hand instead.
  • It can be quite annoying to wear on the first trial or instance.

2. Chest Straps

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  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • You can easily access the camera controls.
  • The footage from this position is reasonably steady.


  • Obstacles that involve climbing and running will cause you a serious challenge to overcome.
  • It takes a matter of seconds to get your lens dirty, especially if it didn’t occur to you to take them off while crawling.
  • It can also prove to be a herculean task to take off during the course of the race. Valuable time is usually wasted in the process.
  • Unlike the head strap that can capture a variety of angles easily, the chest strap would require you to turn awkwardly in other to capture some specific angles.

3. Shoulder Straps

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  • The controls of the camera can be easily accessed.
  • It is comfortable.
  • Amongst all the positions discussed so far, it is the safest for your camera, especially for obstacles that involve sliding or jumping into the mud, or water.


  • The filming angle is extremely limited.
  • You are almost bound to have shaky footage.
  • In terms of carrying obstacles, it is most likely to stand in the way.

4. The Wrist Strap

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  • It can view different angles very easily, compared to the others discussed.
  • The controls of the camera can easily be accessed.


  • It can get caught in most obstacles
  • Your camera lens is most likely to get covered in mud.
  • It can really be a burden to run with, especially with something of that weight on your wrist.
  • You are also bound to get very shaky footage.

Now that you know the four positions you can mount your camera, which one are you likely to go for? Comparing the pros and cons above should help you make the right decision.

What Is The Best GoPro Mount For Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)?

Having discussed the best possible positions above, you can get these GoPro mounts at a very reasonable price, and the mounts available in this article have been also recommended by runners alike.

You are sure to do it right, based on the position that is more convenient for you.

Best Camera For Mud Run – Conclusion

Having a photo or a video to look back on after a mud run is non-negotiable, as not only does it bring back the lovely memories, but it also ensures that you place the right amount of value on the time you spend in the mud. A picture of you covered in mud can also tell anyone who comes in contact with such photos that, no amount of mud or shit you get yourself into is strong enough to keep you down. You will always come out clean and refreshed. Enjoy your mud memories!…