How Long Do Tough Mudder Photos Take? Let’s Find Out

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There is no denying the fact that going by the challenges and possibly the life-long experiences that tough mudder events have on participants, as much as they do on their loved ones, pictures taken during them must, to say the least, be quite invaluable.  After all,  they will be a reminder to very trying moments to share and always relish.

Despite these strong reasons why pictures must capture every moment in these events, sometimes disappointments do occur which may lead to runners either not getting the pictures on time or not getting them at all.

This can be quite saddening indeed. In this post, we shall look at issues related to pictures in the events and how the problems associated with them can be alleviated.

So, How Long Do Tough Mudder Photos Take? Usually, tough mudder events take anything from five days to two weeks, from their beginnings to their endings and it should not take more than five days after the events to get your pictures unless if you opt to take them yourself.

However, for some unavoidable reasons, your pictures may be delayed unduly. First of all, the organisers of the events may change the photographers or involve additional photographers to cover the events. Where there are several bodies of photographers, some of them may supply their photos earlier than others.

For example, there were complaints recently that those who got their photos taken by Spartan got their pictures earlier than those whom covered.

In some instances where the pictures are over delayed, you will do well to visit the organisers’ Facebook page from where you may be lucky to get and recover yours if they are posted.

You can equally take certain precautions to get your pictures on time, like checking for your order confirmation number after placing an order via CSV photo.

After seeing the order number, you can then confirm it within your Order History page. Always quote your order history number when making enquiries about your pictures from customer care for help with your order.

You are expected to get a confirmation email message after making your order which will tell you the pickup date and time.

They may also send you an email message when your order is ready. Alternatively, you can take your own pictures using an action camera (like this GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen) which is waterproof and well protected.

How long do tough mudder photos take

Another good and inexpensive action camera you can as well use in place of GoPro is Crosstour 4K Action Camera. To answer the topic question, your tough mudder pictures, all things being equal, should not take more than one week after the events to be ready. The same goes for dirty girl mud runs.

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How Do I View Event Photos?

A majority of obstacle races, the photos are included in the registration cost, but to ensure that you view the events without missing any significant aspects, you may have to approach the matter in the following steps:

Step One: Know The Locations Of The Events

Knowing where the events are going to take place is actually solving almost half of the problem. Next after this, you set yourself up for a pose. In previous Tough Mudder competitions, the photographers were found at Kiss Of Mud, Block Ness and Mud Mile.

Step Two: Stand Out

It is on record that most people wear black or dark colours during mud races which makes it difficult for the photographers to spot you. To prevent this, wear bright colours and run as a group where possible, in this way, the photographers cannot miss you.

Step Three: Take Your Own Pictures

One way of guaranteeing photos from your obstacle course run is to take your own pictures using a good action camera like Cross Tour using the 60fps mode.

Step Four: Take Your Time

Take your time and enjoy yourself and when it comes to pictures, you do not have to rush anything. Take group pictures while at the same time making sure that you are spotted, you may even have to shout for this. It is a deserved attention.

Signal to the photographer to cover you at where you wish and when you wish. It’s your day and moment, so live it to the fullest.

Step Five: Wear A Smile

The final tip for getting a great picture is to wear a smile and why not; you are just out of the mud and for which you paid a lot, then the least you could do is to smile and relish the experience.

Will I Get An Email Once My Photos Are Ready?

Yes, you will and more so since the pictures form a part of what you paid for during the registration for the events. For this reason, the moment you register for these events, place an order which will generate a confirmation page and also give you an order number on the ‘Order History‘ page.

Soon after this, an email will be sent to confirm the receipt of your order. Finally, another email message shall be sent to you when your photos are ready, as well as the designated pickup date and time. So, yes, you will get an email once your photos are ready.

How Long Do Tough Mudder Photos Take – Conclusion

If there is anything that is worthy of capturing just so that you keep the memory of the events, it is a Tough Mudder run.

You may live long enough to regale this marvellous tale to your children and even grandchildren with enthusiasm. Therefore, there is everything to gain by making sure you view it progressively and in the best possible colours.

I am sure you will be glad you did. And since there is a good possibility of having these memories lost through not getting the pictures, you are encouraged to use the invaluable bits of advice in this post to prevent that from happening.

So to be on the safe side and to avoid stories that touch the heart, always go with your action Camera. Still, confused as to which action camera to take along with you? you might want to try this GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen I found on Amazon.

So that’s all you need to know about How Long Do Tough Mudder Photos Take. If you have any more question regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Cheers.

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