How Do You Tape Shoes For A Mud Run In 2022?

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The fun and adventure mud racing gives to a participant comes with its own drama that not only entails you to get wet and dirty but also causes you to lose some of your running gears such as your shoes. So How Do You Tape Shoes For A Mud Run? Well, I would strongly suggest that you rather lace your shoes in a very proper way that I would be explaining soon enough, than duct taping them for a mud race.

Mud racing and running under the rain are two different scenarios altogether. While running in the rain can make your legs slippery and hence cause your legs to leave your shoes easily, mud racing will not only cause your legs to leave your shoes but will also cause you to misplace them in the process of running, especially if the crowds are in a very large number which is normal for a mud racing event.

Mud racing does not just entail running but also involves you climbing, carrying, and whatever the race suggests. While duct tape will help prevent your legs from getting wet in the initial stage, which is important for your shoes not to come off, you will also need all the traction your shoe has to offer in such scenarios and putting a slick shiny tape in the bottom of your shoe will only reduce it.

It can also rip off when it comes in contact with a rock, sharp root, or an obstacle that will leave it dangling from your ankle and can cause a tripping hazard in the process. I bet you would rather lose a shoe than risk an injury from tripping in the mud.

While you might not be totally able to prevent water from getting into your shoes, since you would be putting all of it in mud in the first place, the following easy steps will ensure that your shoes are properly fitted to your legs while running in the mud and also reduce the risk of losing your shoes to the barest minimum.

How To Tie Your Snickers/Shoes Properly For A Mud Race

Keeping your shoes on your foot during a mud race is one of the priorities mud racers take seriously, especially since such events are usually crowded. The step I am about guiding you through is called a heel lock or a lace lock and has been proven to be effective for mud racing.

Have you ever seen or noticed the second hole at the top of your shoes? You probably have never known why it existed. Well, we are about to find out. ( Read Also: How To Clean Shoes After Mud Run With Steps)

Step 1

Wear your sneakers. Ensure that they are laced but untied.

Step 2

Loop the extreme part, or the end of your lace and thread it through that top hole we just talked about. Make a loop on the outside of your sneakers and repeat the same on the other side.

Step 3

Now, cross your shoelaces and thread the end of each lace through the hole right at the outside of the opposite side. Then, pull the loose ends downwards and start to tighten the locks.

Step 4

Pull up the loose ends of your shoelaces and continue the process of moving them upward until your desired tightness is reached.

Step 5

Tie your shoelaces. You could choose to knit them first before using any tie method of your choice, but that choice is entirely yours to make.

These 5 easy steps will get your mind off losing your shoes in a mud racing event, especially if you intend to keep them as a reminder of your brave heroics.

The heel lock will keep your sneakers tight around your ankle and ensure that your foot doesn’t slip out in the process, but you might do well to keep the rest of the laces slightly loosen so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while walking or running.

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Why Do Runners Tape Their Shoes While Running?

While duct taping isn’t generally a good idea for mud racing, it is an excellent idea for other outdoor racing and exercise if you want to keep your feet dry. Having a wet leg in a shoe can be really uncomfortable while running and as stated earlier on, can cause your legs to slip out in the process.

The duct tape would prevent your legs from getting wet in your shoes while running in the rain, and will also give a very dry and comfortable feel to your leg in general. It is not entirely waterproof, but it will ensure that your feet stay dry for a long time that it would have.

How To Duct Tape Your Running Shoes

Duct taping your shoes is a very easy process and can be done on your own by following these easy steps.

Step 1

Get a duct tape (such as this Duck Brand Colored Duct Tape)  and ensure that the shoes are dry, to begin with, so that the tapes can stay glued properly.

Step 2

Cut out a sizable chunk from the duct tape that would fit around the toe of your shoe. It doesn’t have to go round the shoe.

Step 3

Create a “V” shaped slit in the duct tape placed on your shoe at the toe area, but do not cut entirely through to form perfect “V”. This is to ensure that the duct tape laps properly around the curved area.

Step 4

Now, press down the outer flaps that should have formed as a result of cutting the “V” shaped slits, then press down the middle V-shaped flap. This should do enough in covering the toe section of your snickers.

Step 5

Cut out another size similar to the previous one and place it directly on the initial tape placed on the shoe. This should make it look neater and also hide the previous cuts.

Step 6

Ensure that the tapes are pressed down firmly and also endeavour to trim any section of the tape that might be hanging around the shoe. Repeat the above steps for the other leg.

Getting your legs dry while running is important in ensuring that you get the best out of the exercise without any form of discomfort in the process. The steps stated above will guarantee it.

How Do You Tape Shoes For A Mud Run – Other Useful Tips

Here are other tips for making your run in the rain or monsoon a very comfortable and exciting experience. You shouldn’t only bother with getting your legs wet, but also keep up with other requirements to ensure a smooth race altogether.

  • If you are required to wait in the rain before the rain starts, don’t wait in your race clothes as it would be wet and cold in the waiting process. Wear a garbage bag to keep yourself dry before the race, and endeavour that the hole at the headspace is large enough so that you can easily pull it off when the race starts.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid heavy clothes especially during running. Clothes tend to be heavy when wet and can slow you down as a result. Also try to avoid see-through clothes as they tend to expose your inner wears when wet, except you have nothing against that of course!
  • Except you are okay with running with water streaming down your face which can sometimes blur your vision and cause you to use your hand more frequently than you should, use a brimmed hat or a face cap to keep your face dry during the race. Racers recommend this North Face Mudder Trucker
  • If you feel the need to have your phone on you, ensure you use a plastic bag before putting it in your belt. You can try this with iPods and other gadgets. This Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag/Pouch has been recommended by experts.
  • Except this might be a form of discomfort to you while running, you should try stuffing your shoes with old newspapers, so as to allow them to dry quickly when you get home.
  • Also, endeavour to bring dry clothes and towels you can change into after racing so that you don’t catch a cold as a result of the wet clothes on you.

To be victorious is to be prepared and the above tips should help you with that.

What Shoes Should I Wear For A Mud Run?

As I stated earlier, the only reason why duct taping your shoes during a mud run isn’t a brilliant idea is that it may impair the traction that your running shoe needs to provide. Traction is a very important thing to note when getting your mud racing shoes due to the slippery nature of the event.

If your running shoe has a smooth sole, do ensure to change it and go for sneakers with rough soles. The rougher the sole, the more traction it will provide. Unless you want to slide over the mud course at freewill, avoid smooth soles completely.

Here Are Other Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Mud Racing Shoes

1. Light-Weighted

Your mud racing sneakers should have a lightweight to enable you to run freely. Lightweight sneakers are also specially designed for tackling hills and other mountainous regions and are known to have a very superior grip. So if you get lightweight sneakers such as Inov-8 Men’s Lightweight and Comfortable Running Sneakers, chances are that it would have a good traction grip too.

2. Colour

It is mud racing, not a club show, or a Jean festival. Do not make the mistake of trying to wear flashy colours such as white and the likes, except you don’t have the intention of wearing them again. Dark colours such as black or Grey (Check out this awesome Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe) are recommended for mud racing as the mud incurred can be easily removed.

To remove stains from your shoes after a mud racing event, simply use a garden hose functioning at very high pressure. Soak them in a bucket immediately you get home, then add a little bit of dish soap and allow them to soak properly overnight. Take them out the next day and rinse off the soap. That is all! You can do the same for your clothes as well.

The above snickers recommended by experts will provide everything you need from snickers for a mud racing event or any other race in particular. They are also very affordable and would last for a very long time.

How To Stop Your Feet From Blistering When You Run

I have a friend who thinks that blisters gotten from running are a sign of the hard work you have put in during the course of the race. I actually told him it’s one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in a while. It’s like having a broken jaw in a fight and telling me it’s as a result of how strong you are. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Blisters can be avoided no matter the length you are willing to run, be it a 5k, 10k, or a 20k. Avoiding blisters and the pain that comes with it has nothing to do with how lazy you are, but rather, how smart you are.

Blisters are mainly caused by moisture, heat, and friction. Although preventing them may vary on an individual basis, it can also be said that what worked for a particular race might differ from what is needed for another race. So preventing them should be based on what works best for you as you see fit.

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Keep Your Legs Fresh And Unscathed After A race, Be It Mud Racing Or Your Normal Road Racing

1. Moisture-Wicking Socks

Wearing a pair of moisture-wicking socks (such as this Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks) can help eliminate the risk of getting blisters during a run. They help reduce friction and can be really effective especially if you put on two at once. The two socks will help reduce friction on your feet by transferring the friction between the two socks layers. I recommend this to go for due to its popular demand.

2. Lubricants

Maintaining a slightly wet surface will help reduce friction to its barest minimum and will also help to keep the skin-to-shoe area wet and slick this lubricant (Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin) has been used by many.

3. Powders And Antiperspirants

These will also help in eliminating friction by keeping your feet very dry.

4. Maintaining A Normal Fluid Balance

Ensure that you keep your body hydrated by taking water at intervals. When you notice you are sweating too much, take some water to make up for the ones lost from the sweat. When you don’t properly hydrate, your toes tend to swell and rub on each other causing them to cause friction and blisters in the process.

5. Duct Tapes

Due to the slick surface of tapes, athletes have preferred duct-taping their legs even after putting on a pair of socks. Ensure that you use a powder on all the edges of the tape so as to prevent debris and rocks from attaching themselves to the tacky border.

Nobody likes ugly feet, and blisters can make your feet not just ugly but painful as well. Prevention they say is better than a cure.

How Do You Tape Shoes For A Mud Run – Conclusion

Duct tapes are essential for runners and their importance goes a long way in ensuring that our exercise experience is one we will always look forward to.

So whether you are taping your shoes or doing the heel lock, I hope you get into that mud, have the fun of your life, and come out with your shoes intact and complete. That in itself would be an amazing accomplishment.

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